Iliad organizes call centers | With them it shouldn’t bother you anymore

Iliad organizes call centers |  With them it shouldn’t bother you anymore

Here on Player, you’ve probably read many of our articles where we talk about it From the Iliad presentationsThat leaves no room for doubt They are most relevant in the mobile phone sector. It is no coincidence, and this cannot be denied in any way even at the expense of being redundant, Iliad an act From quality to price ratio A bombastic workhorse capable of defeating the competition all over Italy. So, if your respect for this phone operator is already high thanks to its convenient offers, what it has done in recent days can bring you… To have more than before.

The Iliad and its latest performances!

These days, the mobile phone company has relaunched one of its important offers:… Iliad Giga 150. It is accessible at a modest price From 9.99 euros Inside there are so many functions that will literally make you lose your mind. First we have 150 GB Which will allow you to browse the web using Iliad’s 4G/4G+ or 5G connection. Then, you will also have unlimited calls and messages to everyone in Italy and also in Europe (both landline and mobile). You will also have access to a whole series of services that will allow you to manage in the best possible way and in the most comfortable way possible Your offersuch as an answering machine and a dedicated application.

After that, you won’t incur any connection fees when you connect and you’ll have access to 10GB of additional roaming to use across the EU. If you are looking for a new show, you cannot afford to miss it. But now it’s time to talk about something completely different, which is still about the Iliad but in this case about the signing of an important document issued in this period By AGCOM in relation to the management and organization of call centres.

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AGCOM Praises the Action of Iliad: Everything You Need to Know!

Iliad has signed, in addition to other companies in Italy “Code of Conduct for Call Center Activities” Which has its main purpose and objective is to lead to proper management and implementation The rules relating to marketing and selling over the phone, in addition to disseminating consumer protection principles. In this case, the French giant active in Italy has never used it From telesales and outbound telemarketingBut in any case he was actively working With AGCOM To prevent the spread of unconventional methods and invasive practices to promote products and offers.

In fact, the company has demonstrated its willingness to comply To put truth and trust in relationships with people at the heart of their businessThus improving its transparency and image. It is precisely for this reason that the well-known operator decided to act Consistently with all institutions Which regulates this vast and complex sector to increasingly protect its customers and above all those who will be customers in the future. So this important innovation allows us to understand how to do that The Iliad is the best: both in terms of performances and in terms of transparency with the “audience.”. We hope that Iliad will continue to follow this behavior and improve itself more and more. In conclusion, we remind you to register, if you are looking for a good offer, the one that the company has launched in recent days – given everything it entails – and which has been widely discussed in the central paragraphs of this article.

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