The carriers don’t touch each other, and Texas will pay the UEFA fine

The carriers don’t touch each other, and Texas will pay the UEFA fine

As Rome news – the Friedkins Choice It was clear, intended to make Rome is increasingly competitive and please Mourinho demandswho does not want to lose the most important part of the team.

The message to Pinto was this: sell Primavera and repeat, however Don’t touch the precious rose pieces. Even at the cost of not reaching the UEFA-mandated cap on capital gains to be made by 30 June, and having to pay a finewho will come and must be About 5 million euros.

The money the Texans will spend not to see Roma lose their competitive edge. Pinto managed to put i kluivert (11 million), Tahirovic (8.5 bonuses included), mottled (7.5), make mistake (2.5), Carles Perez (5,2) f Providence (300 thousand euros) for a total Capital gains of about 26 millionless than 30 should have been reached.

However, the clubAnd satisfied with the work done by Pintoand says he is calm in the face of a fine: Avoid the risk of team restrictions or more severe penalties. Now that you’ve achieved the goal, albeit partially, another game unlocks, and it’s a goal Formation of the UEFA roster at any Players’ wages do not exceed last season’s wages.

compared to last year, so far, There will be no Wijnaldum, Camara, Zaniolo, Abraham and KumbullaHowever, the latter two will be included in the second half of the season if they recover from their injuries. Alawar and Ndica addedbut there is still room to add new items. The attacker and midfielder remain the top priority.

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