What happens if you don’t wash your hair for a week: Crazy

What happens if you don’t wash your hair for a week: Crazy
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How many times a week should we wash our hair? And if we spend more time, what happens? the truth.

the Poetry Clean, shiny, and scented, they make you feel good about yourself, and even if the style is done, we couldn’t ask for anything better, especially for women.

However, there is a question that many ask. Not so much in the summer, when the heat makes it necessary to wash your hair more often than usual, but in the winter.

ie: how often should we wash it? And if we do it only once a week or even less frequently, what happens?

The truth you didn’t expect The number of times you wash your hair. What happens may surprise you, you certainly did not expect it.

The question everyone is asking

There are people who can survive without washing your hair Up to 10 days without anyone noticing. Maybe they just need to revisit the styling when they start to get a little messy over the days, but overall they always look clean. In short, envy. On the contrary, there are those who, if they do not shampoo daily, it seems that they have oiled their heads.

It also makes a difference the environment. Those who live in a city with smog need a higher frequency than those who live in the countryside with cleaner air. You will surely realize later that when you ride a motorcycle or bike, the lengths get dirty sooner and more. But then, what is the rule?

Shampoo washing frequency - just show
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How many times a week do you wash your hair?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who might not wash your hair every day but go for a whole week, know that even if they look clean, in reality it’s not quite the same. And that it’s not a good idea to spend a lot of time between shampoos. Why? Because the follicle from which the hair comes is clogged with dirt, grease and smog. Prevent proper oxygenation. This was proven by a study already conducted in 1994, which he presentedIndustrial Toxicology Research Centre, Lucknow.

commented on Vogue magazine Adolfo RemartinezBrand founder Najila Wesley Hair care specialist: “At that time, polluting particles, smoke and gases were shown to be deposited on the hair and scalp, causing inflammatory and irritating reactions that could lead to hair loss.” So, one week is quite a lot. At the same time, it is not always necessary to wash them daily and in any case it is better to use a suitable and dedicated shampoo.

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