Trump system: le dos au mur

Some readers of this blog occasionally ask me about legal action involving Donald Trump or his organization. We have heard and read many accusations, but sometimes it feels like this legal setback is at a dead end.

If nothing definite has come out of the action so far, things may change today. Why? The former president’s lawyers were due until Monday to file a lawsuit aimed at avoiding criminal charges against the Trump organization.

If we do not yet know the strategy of Donald Trump’s lawyers, the final warning shows that the two lawyers who are cooperating in this case, Cyrus Vance and Lydia James, are ready to lay charges.

Both attorneys will pay a broad net, targeting individuals and companies in their investigation. At the center of all these efforts is Alan Weiselberg, the Trump organization’s senior finance officer. Weiselberg flatly refuses to cooperate with investigators.

According to Washington Post, The manager’s refusal will explain the final warning. Weiselberg is targeted not only for personal ability, but also for his activities for the company. His testimony is important because he has been advising Donald Trump for so long. To overthrow an adviser is to overthrow Trump.

Early this morning, colleague Lok Das underscored the arrival of Donald Trump.. Not only will we continue to see him at his big meetings, but I remind you of that Several books about him, a total of 17, will be published by the end of this year.

The circus is starting again, and it will be interesting to note the beneficial support for the last Republican president. Many House and Senate lawmakers are betting everything on him for the 2022 election, and millions of Americans are still drinking his words, believing he fell victim to a conspiracy to silence him.

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Will Trump’s visit be enough to affect Joe Biden’s popularity? The latter gives us all the controversy that his predecessor was accustomed to. Millions of voters are happy to avoid all of these little daily tragedies and discover a particular nature.

If Trump relied on rallies and multiple publications to regain his place, his directing with the law that the millionaire is dishonest and that he is always dragging a significant number is a reminder to a significant number of his fellow citizens. Pans.

He may stumble upon these alleged or real slanders if he does not dismiss it again. Wait!

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