Hell Natia, the young woman who was killed after being thrown from the balcony of her home in Barcelona

Hell Natia, the young woman who was killed after being thrown from the balcony of her home in Barcelona

Behind the hidden initials on the prison notice he sent out this week A Georgian man is behind bars 32 years old, accused ofTo kill his partnerThere is a suitable name: it Hide GolbaniShe is a woman of the same nationality as her alleged executioner and is also 32 years old. On the morning of Monday, June 3, the young woman went Rush from the fifth floor from’Avenida de la Mare de Dieu de Montserratcorner with Paseo de Juan Maragall, in the Horta-Guinardo area, a Barcelona. The judge thought it was a crime and sent the man to prison. Many witnesses have discovered itThe hell the young woman went through.

The man ran away, lied, and did not help the girl

the Mossos de Escodra They arrested his partner, with whom they went to live with his mother-in-law, after they resumed the relationship after finding him at his cousin’s house. He hid there After the woman fell. Although the Moussos have not yet found anyone who saw the detainee throw the woman from the balcony, as they suspect, they did. Various indicators Which indicates that man is responsible for this new thing Sexual crime He and his mother, Natia’s mother-in-law, go to our house Lying to the police. Witnesses, neighbors and relatives of the man say that he was the first to approach the woman’s body, but Far from helping her Or call 112, raise his head and He left. He hid at a cousin’s house, 800 meters from his home, and then said he was there for hours, when the Mossos family went looking for him. He was going No shirt, no shoesWhich suggests that he quickly fled his home after the incident. Neighbors also say they heard one sound discussion Who suddenly stopped before he heard the woman hit the ground, which led to her immediate death.

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Natia’s Hell: Unreported assaults

The interview with the judge of the Special Court on Violence against Women makes it clear that now there is nothing There is no clear evidence against the manThere are reasonable indications that he is the one who is gone Throwing the woman from the fifth floor balcony where they lived. As the investigation progressed, to prevent him from escaping, the arrested man, who has a daughter and family in Georgia, was sent to prison. prison. The explanations given by the man initially, when he tried to escape, were proven false, which is another element for the prosecution and investigators to know that he is hiding something. In addition, other witnesses also confirmed that the woman suffered Previous episodes of violence Until now

Natia Golbani, who arrived in Spain two years ago, worked on packing and preparing the apartments. Her co-worker explained that Natia had one Toxic relationship With her fiancé, BI, who recently proposed to her. However, Natia never spoke publicly about the violence she experienced, and until one day, a patrol from Mossos de Ecuadra showed up at the apartment, but she told the officers that she had hurt herself on the beach. A few days before her death, the woman arrived at work teary-eyed, although she did not have the strength to call for help and denounce her executioner. The couple lived with his mother, who also hid the hell out of him.

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