The collapse of a building in Florida: death toll rises to 9

The collapse of a building in Florida: death toll rises to 9

4 of them have been identified and their families have been contacted. Said to do They can Sampline Towers to confirm the identity of other victims of the southern slope.

But at a press conference on Sunday morning to talk about the situation, local and state officials were not new to announcing. More than 150 are still missing.

Faced with the dissatisfaction of families who are beginning to accelerate, they have emphasized the work and commitment of rescue teams in particular. Working tirelessly for 24 days From disaster.

Rescuers are doing everything they can. I could not hold them. We do it as quickly as we can. This is a very difficult situation.

An excerpt from:Alan Kominski, Miami-Date County Fire Chief

If the Governor of Florida collapses elsewhere, This is the team we want to be on the field. Surface Mayor Charles Burkett spoke proudly of his role Integrity, energy and commitment Redeemers.

This afternoon, Susan Harper, Canada’s deputy ambassador to Miami, made it clear. Four Canadians are missing Coming from three different families. At the time of the disaster, they were in two separate apartments.


Although the fire that spread through the rubbish heap was extinguished on Saturday, the task is still difficult for the rescue squad. They are meticulously exploring the ruins looking for cracks in the area where they hope to find the occupants of the building, while being very careful not to see piles of rubbish collapsing.

They are also assisted by a team of engineers who guide and advise them on technical safety grounds.

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In support of them in their search, Israeli and Mexican rescuers also came as reinforcements.

Local and state officials meet for a press conference.

Governor Ron Desantis and Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa at the conference.

Photo: CNN

In addition, the teams decided to dig a bigger trench.

This moat, Important in pursuing research Miami-Tate County Mayor Daniel Levine Kawa says it currently reaches 38 meters long, six meters wide and 12 meters deep.

As for the removed debris, they will be sent to a warehouse where the situation demands, and then examined in hopes of finding out what caused the building to collapse.

Rescuers climb on piles of debris.

Thursday morning, Fla.

Photo: Associated Press / Miami-Date Fire Rescue

The tragedy has already prompted many Americans to donate to help families in distress.

The State of Florida and the Federal Government continue to ensure that they receive all necessary assistance and that personal assistance is provided to all who request it.

In conjunction with the state and the district, it was also decided to provide shelter for residents of Sampline Towers North, a building located very close to the site of the disaster, the same building that collapsed the same year. Developer.

On Saturday, Mayor Burkett strongly advised them to vacate their residence, while we can inspect the building and make sure it is safe.

If the situation is difficult for them, they have alternatives, Burkett said Sunday.

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