Gasoline and diesel again above 2 euros, Italians are ready to part with the car

Gasoline and diesel again above 2 euros, Italians are ready to part with the car

Gasoline and diesel, prices are rising again despite the long-awaited reduction in tax fees to save users a few months ago.

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So far, the Italians are searching for the solution to survive this difficult moment of crisis. 2022 should have been the year of rebirth, the year our lives should have returned to normal. The Corona virus disease Anyone limited, we had to forgo travel, be with family and friends, and even work during quarantine.

Instead of being the year of rebirth and thus the year of revenge against the virus, 2022 will be remembered as the terrible year that will be archived as soon as possible because of what happened since the first months. It all started with the war in Ukraine It has serious repercussions in the daily lives of the world’s population.

Gasoline and diesel, the reduction in production fees was not enough, and fuel costs rose again

The battle is thousands of miles away from us, but the consequences came here as well. The war weighs heavily on the pockets of Italians who have to contend with day-to-day price hikes on anything starting from a cost Gasoline and diesel They are sold at very high prices. All this made it impossible to use the car that anyone is trying to abandon.

After the outbreak of the war cost Gasoline and diesel It jumped to more than 2 euros, then the government enacted measures and with the reduction of production fees, prices became stable. Now the cost is increasing every day and frightens Italians who no longer know how to deal with these expenses. Most families sit at the table to count all the trips and do their best to avoid all unnecessary or redundant expenses. On the other hand, every expenditure is a burden on the economy of any family if one has to pay, at least for now, self-service petrol 1,914 euros per liter or diesel at 1,831 euros per liter.

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One in three drivers changed their driving style to save fuel

The solution that everyone has applied is to limit the use of the car. One in two Italians in recent months has chosen to take a car only on necessary trips, and thus go exclusively to work, school or university and thus to take the indispensable trips.

So you don’t want to go out in your spare time. Finally, 1 in 3 motorists has changed their driving style because the way they drive affects fuel consumption. Gasoline and diesel.

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