Lukaku: “The biggest challenge I’ve had this year, I was wrong to leave.” Lautaro: “We are a family”

Lukaku: “The biggest challenge I’ve had this year, I was wrong to leave.”  Lautaro: “We are a family”

On the sidelines of the presentation of the new Inter 22/23 Home shirt in the field Jay AulenteAnd the Lautaro Martinez, Nicolo Barilla and Romelu Lukaku They allowed themselves to answer questions from the journalists present: “We are happy to start this new season and to continue this family concept. Lautaro started, we want to make everyone understand that we are fighting for this and that we are united even off the field.

Lautaro on women’s football: “Since this year I have been a professional, and I am happy with the growth they have had in the last period. I am happy, it is definitely important to them.”

Lukaku on key moments in his career: “Defeat in the Europa League final was a great suffering for our team but it helped us perform well the following year to win the Scudetto. Even the defeat against Milan which was the first, and then when we beat them, it was good for the team. The big challenge will repeat itself this year.”

Barilla on his experience in the world of football: “It is a sport that puts me in touch with many people, many cultures, but what made me grow the most were the difficulties. In football there is the good and there is the bad, with time you take everything you can do and I try to do that.”

Lautaro about what he would like to convey to young people: “To raise the level of responsibility every day. That’s what I always did when I was a kid. Today I still think that’s the right attitude. I’m glad I’m staying at Inter. It will definitely be a challenging season, but we are ready to go back to winning” ox.

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Lukaku on his biggest sporting challenge: “The one now. Why did I go away, did I hit right? – He said he’s heading for Barilla raising his hands – but now I’m happy to wear that shirt again. I think this year is going to be a good challenge, we have to keep going. Hug me with Lautaro today? I needed some love after my morning run. My family was always happy in Milan, and my mother always came here. It was right to come back.”

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