Summary, scoreboard and live news

Summary, scoreboard and live news

Juventus next generation hosted by Sangioliano in the first knockout round of the Coppa Italia Serie C: summary, match report, score, live news

there Juventus next genafter the victory over Feralpisalò, he crossed Second round of the Italian Cup Serie C They qualified for the round of 16, where tonight they will face Sangioliano.

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Sangiuliano Juventus Next Gen 0-1: Summary and slow motion

1, start whistle – The challenge between Sangiuliano and Juventus Next Gen has begun

10′ study stage – The first ten minutes of the game fly away without any noteworthy thoughts from the home of the two teams, more attentive to the defensive phase.

12 Sangiuliano Corner Cogliatti wins a corner kick. It is the first link in the match.

16, Zanon shot – Long lasting finish that ends at the bottom.

18 Soulè shot A high shot over the bar.

25 Juventus chance – Nice header from Da Graca, by Sposito.

31 Another Sangiuliano ring – The hosts are building themselves a great opportunity, Fauci does not take advantage of it properly and shoots from behind.

35, CUDRIG Objective – Nice right foot from a distance from Cudrig. His conclusion, slightly skewed, sticks out.

42′ Sully tries – The Argentine tries to carry the ball into the right lane, but loses control.

45′ + 1 reserved codrig – The late entry of Al-Zenoun, a yellow card for the owner of the goal.

46 halftime Teams rest after the first half.

saying 48 – A great reflection from the Juventus goalkeeper who saves everything on Kogliatti.

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57 dismissal of the Germans – A few too many words towards the match manager, Sanguliano’s coach was sent off.

saying 62 – First with Fusi and then with Miracoli, the hosts became dangerous in the space of a few minutes with two great chances. Juventus is saved.

67′ Double, Juventus substitution Pecorino replaces Da Graca, Sekulov instead leaves his place in Iocolano.

Best player in Juventus: Codrige report cards

Sangioliano Juventus Next Generation 0-1: Result and schedule

networks35: Codrig

Sanguliano (4-3-3): Sposito, Zanon, Guerrini, Pedone, Miracoli, Qeros, Cogliati, Marchi, Fusi (63′ Fall), Baggi, and Alcibiades. All. chichery. Available. Cervelera, Daltrio, Serbotti, Ippolito, Brozzoni, Sagionetto, Casale, Diana, Zugaro, De Respenis, Guidetti, Pascali.

Next Juventus (4-2-3-1): Our opinion. Barbieri, Riccio, Stramaccioni, Verducci; Palumbo, Bisaggio; Cudrig, Soulé, Sekulov (67 Iocolano); Da Graca (67° Pecorino). All. Brambilla. Available Scalia, Cinco, Savona, Nzwango, Compagnon, Poli, Rafia, Cotter, Lipari, Ntenda, Siri, Barneccia

Rule: Andreno from Prato

Ammonite yourself: 21, pawn, 46, codrig, 68, marx

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