Marcelo Cirillo, rai musician, hit by a truck in Cassia bis: “I’m stuck on my smart account”

Marcelo Cirillo, rai musician, hit by a truck in Cassia bis: “I’m stuck on my smart account”

to Rinaldo Fernani

The musician and TV presenter had an accident on Wednesday afternoon. “I would like to meet and personally thank the guys who helped me. One was called Claire.

“I am alive by a miracle, I would like to thank those angels who were on Cassia bis around 3pm (Wednesday) and pulled me from my Smart device after I got hit by a truck and dragged me about 200m, then flipped over. On the other side of the road.” This Dramatic tweet By Marcelo Cirillo, 64, musician and host opinion, was involved in a clash which the Carabinieri are now investigating. The artist was not injured and would now like to meet whoever helped him get out of the destroyed city car. Cirillo wrote again: “A group of boys, in particular, one of whom was called Chiara”.

Numerous messages on social networks from fans are concerned about what happened and the musician’s health conditions. The truck driver was stopped and identified: he was She undergoes alcohol and drug tests. A reconstruction of the dynamics of the accident, which appears to have occurred in a lane bypassing the Consular Road, towards Rome, is being studied.

Originally from Caulonia, in the province of Reggio Calabria, Cirillo became known to the general public with the duo formed by him and Antonio Maiello, with whom he participated in the Sanremo Festival and collaborated with many musicians, such as Tulio Di Piscopo. First appearance on television thanks to Renzo Arbori in “My friends near and far” and then “Quelli della notte”, followed by other successful programs such as “Canzonissime”. On television he has also been involved in directing “Mezzogiorno in famiglia” and “I fatti tue”, and also as correspondent for “Quelli che il calcio”.

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