Travelling, where to tip, where not to tip, and when it’s already included in the bill: how Italians do it

Travelling, where to tip, where not to tip, and when it’s already included in the bill: how Italians do it

Did you know that in some parts of the world it is mandatory to leave a tip while in others it is frowned upon? Here’s how to act everywhere.

Tipping is a very controversial topic, as some people consider it correct to leave something for the waiter, while others would never do so.

Travel, where to leave a tip, where not to leave, and when you find it already included in the bill: how Italians behave –

The equipment is usually left for the waiter as a thank you for the service provided and for the courtesy shown to the customers, especially when traveling, you should pay special attention Pay attention to the rules in each state, since they can be very different from one part of the world to another. For this reason, it is good to know how to behave wherever you go, so that you are respectful and do not leave a bad impression.

Tipping rules: Here’s what to know about them

Thank you Survey conducted by TripAdvisorVarious information was collected on people’s behaviors and habits regarding tips, and it was found that Italians, although they prefer to cancel tips themselves and instead include the cost directly in the bill, are the most aware of the rules that exist in each country.

Moreover, TripAdvisor has achieved this as well A small booklet to keep all travelers informed What are the tipping rules?

Do you usually leave tips in restaurants or not? –

As most people know mostly from movies, in… American and Anglo-Saxon countries Leaving a tip is normal: it would be very strange for a waiter not to get even a small change, and tips make up the majority of their pay, since waiters are generally not paid very much.

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Going to the other side of the world, to countries like Japan, China and KoreaYou should never leave a tip for anyone in any context, as this behavior is viewed as extremely disrespectful to all employees. In some European countries, for example France and Italyit is not your habit to leave tips, since you already have a cost included in the bill, i.e. the cover charge.

There is also a lot Other countries where there are no specific rules Regarding gratuities for this reason they can be left at the discretion of the customers, as is the case for example in Spain, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, India, Australia, Egypt and Morocco. Were you aware of this?

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