Steve is better now. “Thank you” from the USA

Steve is better now.  “Thank you” from the USA

From America: “Steve is getting better every day!” Steve is getting better every day. Steve is the fifty-year-old American tourist who was spending a quiet afternoon at the “Cantuccio” in Castellina in Chianti, with his family, last September 24, when he suddenly fell seriously ill. He was saved. To save him, a series of profound commitments immediately began, which saw the presence of Francesco Landi, a thirty-year-old from Castellino Duc, owner of the historic “Il Cantuccio” restaurant right in the middle of Via Ferruccio. The old heart of the city, the young restaurant staff, a doctor passing by at that moment, a doctor who was among the tourist’s group of friends from Stice, the doctor and health workers from 118 in Radaa, a pacemaker from the nearby school, family members, doctors from the Politecnico delle Scotti di Siena where The tourist was urgently transported, and the subsequent proximity of them all, and the doctors of the American Hospital where the fifty-year-old man continued his treatment in the hospital. Let us recall the story of the restaurant owner, Francesco Landi, to Bogart’s friends: “There was a couple. One of them felt ill, collapsed and closed his eyes. We were really afraid for his life. We immediately called 118. Then, thank God, a doctor passed by in front of the room and gave a heart massage. The three Others who were in the room called people from their group, including an emergency room doctor in the United States, who immediately volunteered. “When 118 arrived, he told them about the medications the sick man was taking. I translated them. It was difficult moments, we were afraid we wouldn’t make it.” On that September evening, the mayor himself, Marcello Bonici, congratulated Cantuccio’s staff. We are these days: Landy receives a letter and photos from American tourist Steve. He is recovering, he is better, and he is still improving. “We are happy to wait for him in Castellina, in the heart of the great Chianti.” A heart that Steve will never forget – he explained – thanking everyone.

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