The US has reportedly given Ukraine directions to sink the Russian ship Moskva

The US has reportedly given Ukraine directions to sink the Russian ship Moskva

The United States will provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with essential information to locate and target the Moskva, the most important Russian warship in the Black Sea Fleet which It was sunk by Ukrainian forces last month. they said that for the American media President Joe Biden’s administration officials, who requested anonymity.

The sinking of the Moskva was one of Ukraine’s most notable successes during the war, and a serious embarrassment for Russian forces: the Moskva carried a crew of more than 500 people and was the largest Russian ship sunk since. World War II. It is unclear how many people died aboard the Moskva, although US officials said the losses were significant.

According to US officials, the request for help came last month from Ukraine, which asked US intelligence to identify the ship that was currently sailing in the Black Sea. Intelligence identified the ship as Moskva. At this point Ukrainian forces would hit it with two Neptune anti-ship missiles, sinking it. Officials said the US was only going to identify the ship and did not know it was going to be attacked.

According to the same sources, US intelligence also helps the Ukrainian forces in other ways, for example by exchanging analyzes and predictions about Russian troop movements and their combat plans.

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