Trapped in the field, he is holed up in the fort where the Ultras are holding him hostage –

Trapped in the field, he is holed up in the fort where the Ultras are holding him hostage –

From our correspondent
Jerusalem – The tents are back, this time To make Benjamin Netanyahu tremble It is not the economic grievances of the middle class, which pays taxes, sends children into military service and parents into the reserves (with pay deductions). This is not about the rise in prices of grated cheese, the best-selling cheese, and a symbolic rise in the cost of living. It is a matter of lifefor those who risk it and who want not to lose their loved ones.

The tents are back, this time on the white marble plaza in front of the Tel Aviv Museum, the largest display space for Enduring Pain – It Was Nicknamed Piazza dei Dispersi – Let us clarify with a quick glance, “How many of us are there?” to the political and military leaders gathered on the twelfth floor of the “Kiriya” building, not far away. To clarify that it is not just the families of the hostages here. In 2011, thousands of Israelis moved to live under the jacaranda trees in Viale Rothschild because there was no longer enough money at home. Now it’s time to request an account: The Prime Minister has stayed in power longer than anyone else in the country’s history, nearly sixteen years in total, fourteen years in a row since 2009, with an interruption of 563 days.

A week after he was forced to delete the message on social media in which he held full responsibility for the massacres committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7 on the generals and intelligence, Netanyahu returned to Same tactics Taking it out on reserve soldiers and their refusal to come to the barracks during 10 months of protests Against the anti-democratic justice plan Implemented by the government. It was these declarations of “abandonment” that convinced Yahya Sinwar, the fundamentalist leader in the Strip, of Israel’s weakness, and prompted him to order the invasion.

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Once again it was up to Benny Gantzwho left the opposition to participate in the limited war council, responded to the Prime Minister’s attacks: “Directing one’s responsibilities while we fight harms the country.”. Half of Israelis, according to opinion polls He really wants him instead of Pepe. Who clings to the messianic ultras who came to power through him for the first time. They guarantee him the stability of the coalition, and he must accept a veto: Itamar Ben Gvir, the Minister of National Security, prevented him from expelling Amichai Eliyahu, his party colleague, after the nuclear bomb attack in Gaza. Moreover, the rulings published by Israeli newspapers and attributed to a “high-ranking source” – and therefore Netanyahu or an advisor authorized by him to speak – reflect plans already expressed by Bezalel Smotrich and Ben Gvir, the settler leaders: The struggle against Hamas cannot lead to the return of Abu Mazen’s authority to the Gaza StripTo the political reunification of the Palestinian territories and to reopen peace negotiations for the establishment of a state. Full It conflicts with the goals and strategy of the Americans For the post-Hamas era.

If Netanyahu Bibi remains as he always was, Opponents are preparing for other protests. The founders of the group Brothers and Sisters in Arms – who coordinated the demonstrations until a month ago – are convinced that the movement’s new leaders must be relatives of the 1,400 people killed in the villages and kibbutzim surrounding Gaza, the families of fallen soldiers and captured hostages. “They have the moral authority to demand his departure,” they say to the newspaper Haaretz “And the masses will follow.”

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The slogan will no longer be: “You have to resign.” But: “Get him out now.”

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