Moscow Gold – Diary de Sabadell

Moscow Gold – Diary de Sabadell

[Josep Gisbert, periodista]

It turns out that Victor Terradillas, secretary of international relations at the CDC when Jordi Pujol's party still existed, once knew four years ago that Vladimir Putin was going to declare war on Ukraine and didn't tell anyone. The secret services of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Israeli Mossad, among others, had no idea, but he already knew everything. Naturally, this would be the case if he was the mastermind of the Russian plot for the independence process. This is the Kremlin's gateway to destabilizing the European Union. It's not a joke. This, in general, is what the summary of the Volhoff case addressed by the honorary judge of Court No. 1 in Barcelona, ​​Joaquín Aguirre, says, even if it sounds like a fictional caricature of the adventure of clumsy and angry Spanish spies. , in the purest style of Mortadello and Philemon.

It's hard not to laugh when you hear these things, but the truth is that the judiciary in Spain operates at this level. The judiciary and one or another part of political power as it suits the moment. This is how it is explained that the European Parliament has agreed to a request, easily manipulated by the PP, the Congress Party and Vox, but also with a vote in favor of the PSOE, that the alleged links between Catalan independence and Russia be investigated. Carles Puigdemont was absolutely right when he lamented that all this would not have happened, and that he would not have been investigated for terrorism, if JxCat had invested Alberto Nunez Viejo instead of Pedro Sanchez. It is clear that the roles would have been swapped and it remains to be seen whether in this new case it will be the Socialist Workers' Party that will pursue him for the same reason that the People's Party is pursuing him now. He knows things will go this way, because the Spaniards always agree when it comes to facing Catalonia. For whatever reason, for the sake of the sovereign operation or for the sake of water.
If the European Union is concerned about Kremlin interference, perhaps it should ask where it stands on the war in Ukraine and how Europe and the United States have treated Russia since the fall of the Soviet empire. Rather than a hypothetical Russian conspiracy, the existence of which those allegedly involved deny. Which, if there was, clearly failed. Any independence movement has an obligation to seek international support for its aspirations, and the problem is that those responsible for doing this in Catalonia did not do what they should have done, because the political leaders who should have been leading the revolution, as we saw later, did not do so. They did not take the matter seriously and left the country and the people in trouble. In addition, if a state, such as the Catalan state, wants to become truly independent, it does not make sense to determine which support it wants to do so, and which support it does not want. It cannot choose which countries it will support and which it will not, because the matter does not depend on it, but on the will of these external parties. Above all, what he cannot do is reject those who come to him.

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For all this reason, if Catalonia had proceeded as usual in these situations, and if the first recognitions of its independence were, for example, those of Israel, Venezuela and Russia, it would not have been able to reject them because it turned out that they were from countries that it did not like. International politics does not work that way, and the important point here is that those who were supposed to deal with it seemed to have no idea and, in practice, could not win with the complicity of Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Maduro or Benjamin. Netanyahu or anyone. From here the creature cries.

As one of them said, not only could the plot have existed, but had it succeeded, it would have been paid for with the gold that the Bolsheviks – the Reds – had seized from Spain during the civil war in 1936. 1939. With the gold of Moscow, which is what he had hoped for. That happens to every good Spanish nationalist.

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