Terror declarations have begun in the tsunami case: what can García Castellon do?

They were summoned this morning to testify in Justice City Six of the ten investigated Charged with terrorism in the tsunami case before the National Court.

Testimonies are called via video conferencing technology at 10 a.m., and according to legal sources, Only one of the participants will attendSecretary of the Social Movement of Esquerra, Martha Molina.

Of the others investigated, three are known to be… They went into exile in Switzerland – Jesus Rodriguez, Oliger Serra and Josep Campajo – and they asked to receive the summons there, not in Catalonia.

That would mean That the Swiss authorities cooperate with the Spanish judgeThis has not happened yet, because they consider it a political issue.

Oliger Serra, Ruben Wagensberg and Jesús Rodriguez, in Switzerland (3Cat)

In the case of the accused Jaume CapaniIt is known abroad as well. And former advisor Xavier Vendrell requested to testify from ColombiaAs it is for work-related reasons. In this case, the judge rejected the request.

As for the Secretary General of Esquire, Marta RoviraBusinessman Oriol Soler Chief of Staff of President Puigdemont, Josep Luis AllaiAnd their statements Suspended without a new date Because their lawyers confirmed that they had other subpoenas.

There is also another accused, the banker Nicholas Flavius ​​Julius Fogliawhich follows a different path, because you’ll have to ask for his quote Cooperation in Italy.

There are two others attributed to the Supreme Court, because they are measured: Carles Puigdemont And Deputy Equity and Reconciliation Commission Robin Wagensburgwho have not yet announced, but are invited to do so Voluntarily and via videoThis is a formula that the Supreme Court has now accepted on the grounds of a legislative change.

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García Castellón could not contradict this standard, which is why he agreed to witness the investigation via video, however Force them to do it from Barcelona.

what would happen

A National Court judge is scheduled to hear Marta Molina’s testimony on Wednesday morning and will likely decide whether to impose it Preventive measurescould be one of them Pre-trial detention

Marta Molina announced that she resides in Catalonia and will face imprisonment if necessary (ERC)

Molina received this Tuesday Supporting pro-independence parties and entities At one of the events in Barcelona, ​​during which he said this She’s ready for jail If necessary:

“I realize that I can go to prison and accept that. But if I go to prison, the state will have to bear the consequences of having political prisoners again, along with political exiles, which is not easy.”

In this sense, it is expected that the accusations will be like Fox or the two policemen who say so Victims of terrorism During the protests, they demanded that Molina be imprisoned or that his passport be withdrawn.

Garcia Castellon can make a decision Once the statement is completed.

In the case of persons under investigation who have not declared or justified their absence, the judge can issue a warrant Arrest warrantAlthough there are resources waiting to be solved and this in theory would slow it down.

In general, taking into account that on the thirtieth day, next Thursdayan amnesty will be approved that could take effect the very next day and will determine the next steps that García Castellón, the judge who will take office, can take. About to retire.

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Amnesty International warns that this is not terrorism

This Wednesday specifically Amnesty International It has been reported The democratic tsunami mobilization is not terrorism.

Simultaneously with the summons The international organization warns that the investigation Limits freedom of expression and informationAnd criminalizing civil disobedience.

He also remembers that many of the facts investigated actually happened Filed by the investigative courtsIt is requested, within the framework of the current reform of the Penal Code, that the definition of “terrorism” be adapted to that of the United Nations.

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