From July 6 “The Voice of Search”, a journey between music and science promoted by Unipg

From July 6 “The Voice of Search”, a journey between music and science promoted by Unipg

PerugiaJourney between music and science, From north to south, east to west, ending with an 80-minute fantasy world tour for families. he is “Voice Search”And the promotedUniversity of Perugia In cooperation withPerugia Chamber Orchestra, Which returns this summer, after the success of 2021, with the theme Explorations – South, West, North, East.

five Appointments PerugiaFrom Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 6 as far as Friday 5 August 2022always in 19 hourswhich fits with Getting closer to the 2022 edition of Sharper – European Research’ Night; Meetings in which the technical proposal meets the scientific study, in a combination of Search And the Music and educational publishingWith me 4 key points Which will inspire concert programs and which University of Perugia researchers will discuss from different disciplinary perspectives.

Among the guests who will join the Perugia Chamber Orchestra will be the famous violinist Stefan Milinkovicoboe Christian schmidtpianists Manuel Magerini And the Alessandra Good heart and cellist Gianluca Peresi And the Myungjae huhSopranos.

All concerts are free upon reservation: 331 2643443 – [email protected]

tomorrow, in 19 hours, In the monastery of the cathedral of san lorenzo, The compass is pointed at South: L ‘Chamber Orchestra of Perugia And the Gianluca Peresi The cello will be played by Luigi Boccerini and Joseph Bologna Chevalier de Saint-Georges, while the scientific study by the University of Perugia will include Loredana Puri (medicine department), Marco Sherin (Department of Physics and Geology), Giovanni Centi (Engineering Department), Juliano Conti (Department of Philosophy, Social Sciences, Humanities and Education), Fabio Forlani (Department of Economics), Maria Chiara Luccchi (law Department) , Serena Massari (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Ariana Milio (Department of Veterinary Medicine), Luisa Polotti (Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences), Stefania zucchini (Department of Arts – Languages, Literatures, and Ancient and Modern Civilizations).

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The review will continue to process West, Thursday, July 21 (hours 19) and again in Monastery of the Cathedral of San LorenzoWith the Peruvian orchestra and the pianist Manuel Magerini.

In the musical program of Benjamin Britten and Magrini himself and various composers of South American traditions. Scientific study with Carlo Albanese It represents the University Center for Science Museums (CAMS).

Thursday 28 July We will move to Monastery of the university director FromUniversity of Perugia (hours 19)And the With a concert inspired by north: With the Perugia Chamber Orchestra there will be Alessandra Gentilepiano Christian Schmidt, oboe and conductor. Music by Franz Joseph Haydn, Edward Gregg and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Scientific study by Paula de Salvo (Department of Political Science) H Susanna Baggiotti (Department of Political Science).

Thursday 4 August, Always Monastery of the university director FromUniversity of Perugia (hours 19), will host the concert that will conclude the East The journey between the cardinal points – but not of the parade – with the Perugia Chamber Orchestra e Stefan Milinkovic on the violin. Music by Antonin Dvorak and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He will speak on behalf of the University of Perugia Emanuela Costantini (Department of Arts – Languages, Literatures, and Ancient and Modern Civilizations).

The Grand Final for Families, Friday 5 August (hours 19) In the’Medieval Garden of the University Center for Museums of Science (CAMS)with the Around the world in 80 minutes Conducted by the Quintet Wind of the Perugia Chamber Orchestra with Myungjae khoSopranos. Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, son of Johann Strauss, Jacques Offenbach, Giuseppe Verdi, Enoch Sontonga, Leonard Bernstein, DJ Kim. Will be the last scientific study with Margherita Maranese (Department of Veterinary Medicine).

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