No Rest for the Wicked, Digital Foundry's analysis teases Moon Studios' game

No Rest for the Wicked, Digital Foundry's analysis teases Moon Studios' game

There is no rest for the wicked He is the protagonist of the latest analysis of Digital FoundryAs well as on the technical and technical level Promoted the game It's developed by Moon Studios, which seemingly blends visual elements inspired by hits like Dark Souls, Diablo, and even Animal Crossing.

Available starting today in early access on Steam, No Rest for the Wicked is powered by the Unity engine, but thanks to a series of customizations, this aspect takes a back seat and the title manages to stand out, thanks also to Additional physics and simulation system.

Thanks to the excellent implementation of HDR technology, the new game from Moon Studios looks and works like a “moving painting”. A “curved” approach to the 3D mapsimilar to Animal Crossing, in order to maintain a certain vision.

However, the atmosphere and detail applied to characters, objects and scenarios prevail, with wind and weather conditions adding further depth to the story. A truly inspiring and exciting show.

Heavy or not?

The PC requirements for No Rest for the Wicked have us thinking of an overall poorly performing and heavy title, but how are things really? According to digital foundry tests, There are definitely some problems We'll need to work on improving the experience, but for starters there's not much to complain about.

Specifically, John Linneman explained this Few early access games can count on a similar level of quality It will be interesting to see how user feedback will help Moon Studios improve the product.

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