False: “Real phenomena play in wheelchairs”

Jannik Sinner appears at the conference two hours after the match, and first eats a snack to restore his energy. Even today it was a complicated match at the beginning, then it was resolved in a wonderful way: “It was a difficult match, it was stormy and then it went down immediately, it was mentally complicated.” His first comment. Now he will have to face Tomas Machak, who beat Matteo Arnaldi, eliminating hopes of an all-Italian derby: “We have never played against him before but I know him. I watch a lot of tennis, so I know more or less what to expect.” “. He plays very well, free, and plays excellent tennis on the court. It is no coincidence that he has beaten Rublev, Murray and Arnaldi. Above all, he plays well even in the wind, and I will have to come up with something to beat him. For him, but Now we'd better rest.”

In a wheelchair

Pictures of him trying to play tennis in a wheelchair have spread across the Internet: “They are phenomenal, they make their game look simple, and yet it is so difficult – he continues -. I tried to sit in this chair and I understood how difficult it is and how strong these players are.” . I felt lucky to have had this experience and tried a completely different point of view, which would help me. I hope there will be more and more wheelchair championships because they deserve it. After that, it's amazing, and sometimes there are matches that are more fun than the ones we play on the track.”

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Vagnozzi is the best

Finally, he was asked about Simone Vagnozzi, who is absent here due to the effects of a minor nose operation: “Simone is in good health, fortunately, but we will start working together again in Monte Carlo. I think he is one of the best coaches in the country.” The world, why does not impose its rules but rather tries to adapt to the player, making everything simpler and more effective. These days we talk in the morning, discussing the game I played. But in the evening, no, we don't talk, I'm here with Cahill and I think it's good for me to change my point of view every now and then.”

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