March 31, 2023

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Transfer Market: Mkhitaryan, Roma re-launch, but the champions pushed him to Inter

As for the Giallorossi with Armenian prizes, it offers 4.2 million and the Nerazzurri a similar amount, but the possibility of playing the big cup.

It’s M-day. Where M stands for Mkhitaryan, but also means millions, Mourinho, Marotta, Mirage and Marriage, Market and Mizferti, yes, they are all attached. Here the team did everything they could with the Armenian except for the last step, the signing. Does the word count? If yes, then Mkhitaryan will be Inter’s player tonight. But since we are in a mined territory (another M…), and since in the world of football and the market the whole constitution of possible behaviors is correct, it is appropriate to approach the subject wisely, while still keeping a small percentage of the chance of renewal with Roma.


Because in life there are choices as well as second thoughts. Mkhitaryan who thinks as an Inter player? It happened, guaranteed. Mkhitaryan receives phone calls from Mourinho to reverse the decision? This also happened, despite the usual denials. Sure, everything will be a lot clearer tonight. Because Roma have given the Armenian player time so far to respond to the new offer from the Giallorossi club. Friedkin’s club didn’t want to restart, but Mo’s push convinced sporting director Thiago Pinto to take a step forward. As follows: AS Roma offered Mkhitaryan a one-year contract worth 3.6 million on a fixed basis, plus €200,000 to be added every 15 games with a maximum of 4.2 million, plus team prizes. The contract will be automatically renewed for a second season, until 2024, with the same numbers in the event of qualification for the next Rome tournament, or if the Armenian has played at least half of the matches. The renewal will also start in the event of qualification for the European League or the Giallorossi Conference, but at this point it will be in small numbers. Mkhitaryan’s goal is to earn a figure of close to 5 million as possible. Roma believes they have done their best, as well as looking at the player’s ID card. And even more so, taking into account how much the Armenian has already earned on his adventure with Rome: in the past three years, no one has allocated more money than him among the Giallorossi, between signing and signing the renewal award one year ago we are at about 20 million net.

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On the one hand, reboot. On the other hand, just wait. Inter yesterday had no new contacts with the player’s entourage. Simply, because Marotta and Ausilio believe they have done everything necessary to convince him to choose Milan. Proof of this is the fact that you informed Rome of the negotiations, a formal step that is usually carried out when one is sure to go to the auditors during the process. It must be said that Zhang’s club does not have a signed contract in his hands. But the promise yes as described above. And Mkhitaryan has already said yes to the Nerazzurri’s proposal, which was received before the Conference League final to be held with Roma. For this reason, Inter requested confidentiality on this issue. The Nerazzurri Club, which will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the Armenian growth decree, offered the Armenian a contract worth 3.3 million net on a fixed basis, as well as mixed bonuses (personal and collective) that would lead him to earn up to 4.2 million. The offer is for two years, until 2024. But the Nerazzurri club held the possibility of exiting the contract in June 2023, after the first 12 months, should the midfielder fail to achieve some of his appearance-related goals. The Nerazzurri are taking advantage of the potential offered to the player in the Champions League, something Thiago Pinto cannot put on the plate.

Mo Wanzaghi

Needless to say, the coaches are waiting. Mkhitaryan has proven to Mourinho that he is a key player in the season that has just ended. And that will also be in perspective, given the division – the midfield – which must be strengthened even with the Armenian in the team, not to mention the farewell state. On the other hand, there is Inzaghi who was completely satisfied with the process. The midfield, or rather the substitutes for three starting players, Brozovic, Barilla and Calhanoglu – was one of the main problems that Simone I faced Inter. Mkhitaryan will secure a significant promotion compared to Vidal, as well as a much lower pay. This is why Inter bet on it. He now hopes that his words have real value and not just a perceived value.

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