Tour de France, Stage 21 – Surprised Meeus, Invincible Pogacar, DSM Unseen: Passes and Failures

Tour de France, Stage 21 – Surprised Meeus, Invincible Pogacar, DSM Unseen: Passes and Failures
the Tour de France 2023 He ends his trip, which began more than three weeks ago from Bilbao, with a parade in the classic atmosphere of Paris. The great sprinters are champions on the Champs-Elysées and the winner is Belgian. the usual Jasper Phillipsen? No, this time it’s up to – somewhat surprisingly – A.J Jordi Mews From Bora – hansgrohe. Tadej Pogacar Create energy to be the protagonist till the end, with a stunning attack in the final circle. there DSM- Firmenich to Sam Wellsford He doesn’t even show off this time and locks a really stingy Grande Boucle in with relief.

thunderous! Pogacar tries as soon as they enter the ring: what an attack!


Jordi Mews Winning in Paris is worth a fortune in a sprinter’s career, and beating the man of the moment isn’t for everyone. After 6th and 7th places in the past few weeks, the 25-year-old Belgian from BORA has picked the most crucial day to win his first success at World Tour level. We don’t go so far as to say that it could be a turning point in his career, but this fast sprint certainly earns him a lot of credit points.

Tadej Pogacar – The Tour ended for the second year in a row in rival Jonas Vingaard’s locker, even if he took away the satisfaction of winning two stages and the classification of the white jersey. But the Slovenian is always hungry and ready to show off, and even on a road decidedly not for strikers like the Parisian, he tries a daring action almost 50 kilometers out. He’s not lucky, but seeing it in action is always worth the “price of admission.”

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Jasper Phillipsen Success eluded him this time by centimeters, but his progress was still impressive, even without Van der Poel’s decisive contribution. Sixth podium in this edition and the points classification – which was already his – dominated.


Pogacar does not give up and shoots again: Slovenian goes, Alpecin closes

to fail

Sam Wellsford – dsm-firmenich is probably the most disappointing team in this edition, since the days when the Dutch team achieved something good are very few. They don’t even flinch at the finale. The runner does not go beyond the unknown 14th place, several meters behind the guys who fought for success.

Peter Sagan – The final stage of his Tour de France career ends in somewhat of an unknown way, as this entire edition has already been for him. The hope was to see him as a hero on the Parisian scene, to say goodbye in the best way even with good standing. Instead, he argues for running in the rear, getting out of the fight, without finding the energy to regain positions (and there seems to be room). sin.


Vingegaard, the trembling podium: He risks falling by throwing flowers at the fans

Where and when to follow the Tour de France 2023 on live TV and live streaming

The Tour de France 2023 will be broadcast live on Eurosport 1 and 2 (Sky Channels 210 and 211 and on DAZN) with commentary by Luca Gregorio and Riccardo Magrini and additional commentary by Moreno Moser and Wladimir Belli. If you don’t want to miss a single meter of the 21 stages of this edition, you can follow the Tour de France LIVE IN COMPLETE, from km 0, via Discovery + (Discover the offer) and GCN+ with lots of exclusive content. It will also be possible to redeem all on-demand rides on all of our platforms.

How much is the prize pool?

For this 2023 edition, the organizers kept the prize money from years past, with the winner of the Tour de France receiving €500,000, double the winner of the Giro d’Italia. 11,000 euros for the winner of one stage, 20,000 euros for the super fighter in the edition. Here is the full prize pool.
placement Awards
the first 500,000
the second 200,000
the third 100,000
fourth 70,000
Fifth 50,000
VI 23,000
VII 11500
VIII 7600
9 4500
The tenth 3800
eleventh 3000
twelveth 2700
Thirteenth 2500
fourteenth 2100
15 2000
sixteen 1500
17 1300
18 1200
19 1100
From 20 to 160 1,000

The full Grande Boucle prize pool: €500,000 for the winner!

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