March 29, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“A new attempt at the Super League? They used a pandemic, and now they’re using war”

UEFA President: “Clubs are free to create their own leagues, but don’t expect to compete in ours”

The news of a new attempt to revive Super League By Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus also came to the ears Alexander Severinwho crushed her in her own way. “Clubs are free to create their own tournaments, but don’t expect to compete in UEFA. They used a pandemic, now they’re using war. I’m tired of this non-football project. This qualifies them. They live in a parallel world. As we work to save players, For them the fans are just consumers,” the UEFA president said during the “Football Business Summit” organized by the Finacial Times.

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Then Ceferin talked about the consequences of the Russian invasion in Ukraine and decisions made by the world of football. “No one expected a war in central Europe. We are also moving like UEFA, I have been on the phone for 48 hours with players and coaches to help them leave Ukraine. I asked for help from governments, but they couldn’t help them. Nothing because they couldn’t Nobody can guarantee the safety of the people. It’s hard to explain how difficult these talks are. One of the players who left Ukraine came straight to my house. We have to work hard to do our part. We hope the war and this madness stops as quickly as possible.”

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Ceferin also reiterated his opposition to world Cup every two years. “It’s not even a possibility to consider and I’m glad FIFA understood it too,” he concluded.