Mask is mandatory at CAP until January 24th

Mask is mandatory at CAP until January 24th

The Ministry of Health published last January 9 It is mandatory to wear a mask Health centers. The reason, according to the health statement, is “epidemiological data that shows a significant increase in cases of acute respiratory infections.”

He has this decision 15 days is normal Since its publication, that is. Until January 24th. Mask will be mandatory For all people over the age of six As long as they are in health centers hat, QWAPI HospitalsAnd also Health social centres.

Spirit Hospital St He also shared the decision published in Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia in which it is approved Commitment to use From the mask The mask should cover the wall of the nose up to the chin. In case of non-complianceThere will be a penalty.

Health decision affects People who work in health centersVisitors and patients. Only people who have been accepted And to stay in their room Exempt

They are also exempt People suffering from a disease or difficulty breathingthe people which does not enjoy self-government To remove the mask or Behavioral changes. And when to use the mask not suitable With the nature of the activity.

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