Today we will treat ourselves by purchasing this pink quilted coat at a discount of €25.99 at Zara

Today we will treat ourselves by purchasing this pink quilted coat at a discount of €25.99 at Zara

Designers Zara They have done everything they can to create one of the most desirable pieces to keep you warm from the cold and without losing your personal style. It is a straight-cut anorak with long sleeves and a high collar to provide maximum protection. In addition, it has a short design that reaches above the waist and is lined, which adds a modern and sophisticated style, and the closure is practical, as it has a front zipper.

The high neck and elastic cuffs of this popular anorak coat at Zara

Anoraks Zara It is an essential piece to be fashionable and protected during cold and rainy days. This model features a straight cut, a high collar, long sleeves up to the cuffs and a quilted pattern, giving it a modern and attractive look. In addition, its length has been cut, that is, shorter than usual, giving it a youthful and sophisticated touch.

It closes with a front zipper, so it's easy to put on and take off. Plus, it has side zipper pockets where you can Carry your essentials safely. One of the most notable features of this anorak is that it provides protection against water and wind, and these details make it ideal for facing rainy and windy days, providing you with warmth and protection at all times.

Zara Anurak

Its cut is semi-tight, so it fits all body types, providing you with a comfortable fit Feminine and elegant look. In the same way, this anorak stands out because of the freedom of movement it offers and the interior has a polar lining, ensuring you maximum warmth.

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He is a model of that assembles easily, You can use it with different cuts and styles to create casual or sophisticated outfits. For example, wear it with jeans and sneakers for a comfortable and sporty look, or combine it with a midi skirt and boots for a more elegant and feminine look. The possibilities are endless and allow you to adapt it to your personal style.

Zara's warmest anorak is lined with fleece on the inside

In the news Zara They have a piece that combines protection and elegance. We're talking about an anorak that features a quilted design and cropped length, giving it a modern and sophisticated look, so it will grab all the attention. In addition, it features a straight cut, long cuff sleeves and a high collar, providing you with maximum protection in the winter.

Zara Anurak

Its side pockets are functional, so they will serve you well Protect your hands from the cold Or to store your luggage. In the same way, it has a zipper closure, which makes it practical and comfortable, and the interior is equipped with a fleece lining, ensuring you maximum warmth even on cold days.

The fabric it is made of is water and wind resistant, making it an ideal choice for cold, rainy or windy days. Available in medium pink and sizes range from XS to XL, and priced from 25.99 euros You can buy it online or at Zara physical stores.

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