Tonali at Newcastle does a good job, but also for Milan: he brings millions more than Kaka | first page

Tonali at Newcastle does a good job, but also for Milan: he brings millions more than Kaka |  first page

Increasingly possible sale of Sandro Tonali to Newcastle to get a volatile number Between 70 and 80 million The Euro is a great deal for Milan and a one-time opportunity for the player. Not just because Tunali will land in it One of the richest clubs in Europe Which, twenty years later, he returns to Champions League, but also because he will be playing in the English Premier League, the most competitive and prestigious league in the world. Apart from Gianfranco Zola and to a lesser extent Paul Di Canio and Fabrizio radishI don’t remember an Italian player being so successful abroad. At least in England. In fact, there have been many painful returns or expected retirement announcements. This is because almost all immigrants have done their best at home and only come out to get their last big paycheck.

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Tonali is different. If he gives up being the heart of the Rossoneri for life, that’s for sure for me money (He will get seven million euros net a year), but above all because he can Building a high-profile career away from friendly shores. Twenty-three-year-old Tonali is Mancini’s international on loan for the under-21 team – now participating in the European Championship – for which he will also be captain. Two years ago, to stay at Milan, his salary was significantly reduced and he currently earns 2.5 million. Who could blame him if he wanted to turn his Premier League career around three times the current figure? He does not go to Arabia, he goes to compete with the best.

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The hypocrites and the condescending, so close to the whitewashed graves, will find many of them, also because they are all good at being moral with other people’s purses. But this is a story with only one possible ending. Tonali in Newcastle and the best equipped AC on the market To get to where Forlani and Moncada think it is possible to go. Melanesty, trust them. Meanwhile, Thank you, Tonali. Lots of cash on hand, and Kaka didn’t even bring it.

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