Hear a “symphony” from 4 billion light years away, the song of the stars

Hear a “symphony” from 4 billion light years away, the song of the stars

Star song thanks to sonication in image of galaxy cluster RXC J0142.9+4438 taken by the Hubble Space Telescope: listen to it!

Space gets “musical” in this image of galaxy cluster RXC J0142.9+4438 taken by Hubble Space Telescope. In the next video you will find the wonderful I sing stars: The frequency of the sound changes from low to high, from 30 to 1000 Hz, and the time goes from left to right. Objects near the bottom of the image produce lower notes, while objects near the top produce higher pitches.

Most of the objects visible in the image are galaxies: and some stars who shines in the foreground. Compact stars and galaxies create clear, short tones, while spiral galaxies emit longer tones that change pitch. higher intensity galaxies Near the center of the image it transitions into the midtones about in the middle of the video.


But how is all this possible? Thanks to the sonication!

Thanks to the difference in brightness, the frequencies can be translated into a signal that is audible even to humans. Image elements such as brightness, position, hue and size are given. No sound can travel in space, But sonication provides a new way to experiment and visualize data. They also allow the public, including blind and visually impaired communities, to “listen” to astronomical images and explore their details: the result is simply amazing!

source: NASA

In a small way, Astronomy Passion helps you understand how the universe works. And the universe works better if the people who are part of it are well informed: if they read nonsense, lies and poisons, it ends as it ends. At the moment things are not going well. This is why it is important for someone to explain things well. Passion Astronomy is doing the best it can. Participate!

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