Together they ask for a repeat of the 12-vote external vote due to “irregularities.”

Together they ask for a repeat of the 12-vote external vote due to “irregularities.”

BarcelonaThe “Together for Catalonia” organization requested a repeat of external voting in the May 12 elections due to “irregularities.” He submitted four memorandums to each provincial council, confirming that votes deemed invalid had been destroyed before the end of the appeal period. The results were announced yesterday, in which the SEC won.

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Juntz’s complaint concerns votes that were received from abroad and were not reconciled – “uncounted votes” – in the final count because they were found invalid and destroyed. “The destruction of votes due to their presumption of invalidity before the expiry of the deadline for contesting them seriously harms the electoral rights of citizens and the integrity of the electoral process,” the letter submitted by Juntz stated.

Carles Puigdemont’s candidacy says they should have, at least, waited to destroy it until the deadline to challenge the results expired, which expired on Saturday, 24 hours after the public vote. By constituency, Junts lists those votes that were excluded from the global accounting and requests a re-vote of foreign citizens to restore their rights and maintain the integrity of the electoral process.

In the Barcelona district, they say that there are 1,922 uncounted votes, equivalent to 11.05% of the total votes obtained in this district, which were destroyed and not taken into account. “In the Barcelona electoral district, excluding error or omission, there are a total of 1,922 uncounted votes (not entered into the ballot box and destroyed) that correspond to a CERA de Girona vote for a total of 17,384 voters in this electoral district,” he says. Document submitted. The argument is similar in the case of the demarcation of Lleida: they say that there are a total of 320 uncounted votes corresponding to CERA in Girona with a total of 1,703 voters in this demarcation. In Girona, they count this phenomenon as 446 uncounted votes, or 22.84% of the total votes cast from abroad in this demarcation. As for Tarragona, they do not provide data, but they claim that the same phenomenon occurred.

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