Usha, the most precious thank you? Prices of turkey and other raw materials are rising –

This year The Thanksgiving It has become a turkey-free treat for many American families. This caused prices to rise in the United States Distribution shortages and supply chains are shrinking, It also hit the raw materials It traditionally makes dinner on November 25th. According to Financial Times Prices of wheat, turkey, potatoes and corn rose by an average of 25%. Compared to the pre-epidemic stages in 2019. Further travel and bringing the whole family together has become an expensive expense: US price of petrol Increased by more than 50% since the beginning of the year.

Rising turkey prices

White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki, Reduced to a press conference by announcing: “The twenty-pound turkey is a large turkey, I think we can all agree. You can feed a large family and now it only costs a dollar. But according to estimates published by the American Farm Bureau FederationThe average retail price of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner has increased by 14% in 2021. Mintech Products Research Group estimates even higher price increase: + 34% in 2019. Frozen turkey stocks appear to be the lowest in 37 years, as manufacturers have kept low from late 2020 to early 2021. Due to the uncertainty of the need.

Other Ingredients

Increases are included for all of these Wheat prices have increased by 66% in 2019, compared to the pre-epidemic average. This is because they were pushed by bad weather Success domains in the United States and large producing countries, Russia and Argentina. Prices of carrots (+ 34% in 2019) and potatoes (+ 13%) are also rising. “I do not want to cut – the president’s press secretary said – the president is worried about any price increase, and this is evidenced by his efforts to get more aid for the American people.” But recently Joe Biden just ended up at the crossroads of choice Nantucket is an elegant and expensive island off the coast of Massachusetts, a place of thanksgiving. The most expensive in history. This gesture of the candidate representing the president as a representative of the middle class was not properly seen by the people. But that is also true The Biden family is thankful there Every year since 1975.

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