Together, the PSOE is in Switzerland and agrees to work on the Catalan language and immigration

After the amnesty law is approved in Congress, negotiations continue between the SWP and the Junts. At the end of this week, representatives of the two formations met in Zurich, Junts and PSOE also confirmed in identical statements.

The meeting was attended by Carles Puigdemont, Secretary-General Jordi Turol, and President of the Parliamentary Group in Congress, Miriam Nogueras. The Junts team image was developed in a Zurich hotel by El Nacional.

On the PSOE side, the negotiator will be Representative Santos Cerdán, who has already played a key role in conceiving the Inauguration and Pardons Law. But its existence was not confirmed by the socialists.

According to what was stated in the meeting There was talk about approving an amnesty law“It was one of the conditions agreed upon to resolve the political conflict.”

The two formations say that it will now be possible to “launch work teams in the two main areas agreed upon.”: The Catalan language and delegation of powers in immigration.

Until now, there it was Task forces to deal with self-determination and financing.

Immigration controversy

Efficiencies in the area of ​​migration are not part of the investment agreement between Junts and PSOE. This is the question that the pro-independence parties put on the table in January to save the first decrees issued by the Sánchez government.

He abstained from the vote and tore up the agreement that contained it Comprehensive delegation of immigration powers to the state and publishing financial balance sheets.

Fourth meeting since December

This is the fourth meeting between the two parties after agreeing on a negotiation mechanism with an international mediator. This role is played by Salvadoran diplomat Francisco Galindo Velez.

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On December 2, Junts and PSOE met for the first time under this model. The meeting, which was on that occasion in Geneva, was shrouded in secrecy. According to those present, the weather was “friendly,” but few details emerged.

Conversations are As a result of the inauguration agreement of Pedro Sanchez Which was signed by both parties in November 2023.

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