Letizia, was arrested and convicted of possession and consumption of controlled substances

Letizia, was arrested and convicted of possession and consumption of controlled substances

Mandarin cheerful She became a member of the royal house through her marriage to then-Prince Philip, and her entry was not without tensions and mistrust. The prince's choice to marry a commoner not only defied the expectations of aristocratic circles, but also aroused deep suspicion on the part of titular monarchs John Charles I and Sophia. Moreover, from the beginning, The shadow of Letizia's past looms over her relationship with the royal familyrepresenting a path full of turmoil and secrets.

Leticia J. Teresa

It did not take long for the friction between Letizia and the titular kings to become apparent. Although they ultimately had no choice but to accept her as part of the family to prevent Philip VI from abdicating, her lack of aristocratic connections and tainted police record made her position in the royal house in doubt from the day they announced it. Their engagement. Juan Carlos I's rejection reached its highest level when he, with the help of the CIA, thoroughly investigated Letizia's past., discovering unfavorable information about the then news reporter. This discovery prompts the titular to take drastic measures, turning life in Zarzuela into a living hell for Felipe's wife.

Revealed Secrets: Abortions and Dark Links to Drugs

Regarding the controversial events in Letizia's past, one of the most notable concerns Two alleged miscarriages. The first such case occurred in Mexico in 1996. According to Isidre Connell, author of “Letizia Ortiz: A Republican in the Court of Juan Carlos I,” that year Felipe VI's wife had an abortion at the Medical Hospital South of the Federal District. As for the second incident, it came to light thanks to what her cousin David Rocasolano revealed in his work “Farewell, Princess.” This account reveals the alleged destruction of medical documents in collaboration with Felipe VI.

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Letizia Ortiz, republican in the court of Juan Carles

But the conspiracy of dark secrets does not end there. Another incident, this time related to drug use, adds to the list of mysteries surrounding the current queen. This data, which Al-Fari discovered when he requested the police report on Letizia, was shared with Felipe VI, who chose to keep these and other scandals involving his wife secret.

The truth always comes out

The Zarzuela Palace, shrouded in a fog of collusion and cover-up, appears to have witnessed a conspiracy of silence orchestrated from the highest levels of power. However, sooner or later, the truth always comes out. And so it happened. Over time, these dark revelations emerged from the shadows through the pages of Connell's aforementioned book.


As revealed by the author, Letizia was arrested for possession of hashish during her youth: “In high school, she begins her engagement with teacher Alonso Guerrero… and is arrested on charges of marijuana possession.” Isider Connell revealed. Although cannabis is generally considered a less dangerous drug, possession of the substance could have subjected her to prison sentences and large fines, as possession is illegal in most countries. Based on warnings from the Ministry of Health. Possession and consumption of cannabis can result in one to three years in prisonIn addition to fines that may reach 30 thousand euros.

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