September 11, Biden at the Pentagon: ‘We will never forget’

September 11, Biden at the Pentagon: ‘We will never forget’

“21 years later, we keep and commemorate the precious lives that were stolen from us at Ground Zero, Shankville and the Pentagon. Jill and I are close to families who have lost and continue to suffer. We will never forget.” Joe Biden writes on Twitter on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The president is participating in the commemoration of the Pentagon attacks, where a minute’s silence was observed at 9.37 a.m., the time of the crash of an American Airlines Boeing 757. All 64 people on board were killed in the blast, including the terrorists, and 125 people who were in the Defense Department building.

Terrorists have not changed the character of the United States

America’s history changed on that day. What the terrorists hoped to change but did not succeed: is our character, made up of strength and resilience,” Biden said at the festivities.

Queen Elizabeth’s memory

“I am honored to be here with the families of the victims once again and to remember all of those who died in the fires and ashes on that terrible September morning,” Biden added to the Pentagon. The president recalled Queen Elizabeth’s message on that occasion: “Pain is the price we pay for love.”

Attack on the “Maga” movement

A few hours ago, the US President wrote again on Twitter: “Maga forces are determined to return this country to America where there is no right to choice, right to privacy, right to contraception, right to marry those you love . . . .” The target is clearly the radical pro-Donald Trump Republicans abbreviated as the billionaire’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. Meanwhile, Chief Justice John Roberts is responding to remarks by US Vice President Kamala Harris who has defined the justices as a group of activists. “Simply because people do not agree with the opinion they cannot question the legitimacy of the court,” he said.

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