Mid-Term USA 2022, Infinite Nude in West Coast States

Mid-Term USA 2022, Infinite Nude in West Coast States

Officials in US states, mostly from the US, urge patience West Coast, where winners have yet to be announced three days after polls close, thus preventing certainty about the majority of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. especially, The focus is on Arizona and Nevada — The two states in which Senate duels will be crucial to determining the majority, along with the December 6 vote in Georgia — where, according to CNN estimates, last night there were 540 thousand and 95 thousand votes being scrutinized respectively.

Also stopped in California, which is one of eight states — along with Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and Washington — where ballot papers are mailed to all voters. And where dozens of decisive duels are still open to the room where the Republicans expect victory, but still need 7 seats to secure a majority. California officials warn that the Count could last for days, if not weeks.

I There are several reasons for this in the West Coast statesand not just the massive proliferation of voting by mail, They seem to be destined for this endless waste. Starting with splitting voters, since if the results weren’t very close to the blade edge – with sometimes only a thousand point gaps – they wouldn’t expect much to win seats.

subordinate There are still 34 seats to be allocated to the room16 in California, 3 in Arizona, 3 in Nevada, 2 in Oregon, 2 in Washington State, 2 in Colorado, 1 in Montana, 1 in New Mexico, plus the two in Alaska and Maine designated by the second-choice system that is always longer .

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In the United States, ballot papers are counted automatically, through so-called polling tables, but before ballot papers that arrive by mail are entered, election officials must carry out a series of verification procedures, to verify that the signature affixed by the voter to an envelope contains The card corresponding to the card kept in the electoral records.

“This takes time, because we have to do it well,” explains Bill Gates, the Maricopa County Election Supervisor, who two years ago was the center of all the controversy and protests Donald Trump sparked about alleged electoral fraud in Arizona. “We work like this, if someone does not like it, they go to the politicians and ask to change the laws,” the electoral official shortened. In Nevada, polling stations are still receiving votes, as the law requires that ballots arriving through Saturday be accepted, provided we have a postmark on Tuesday, Election Day.

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