Today is the real deal

Today is the real deal

It is certainly one of the companies that has always focused on smartwatches Garmin. The American company has now specialized in devices that guarantee the highest level of performance and that have few equivalents on the market for the resistance and functionality offered. It is no coincidence that its devices are usually used by professional athletes and enthusiasts to monitor training and results during competitions and trainings. Smart watches that are not afraid to compete with the best devices on the market, often outperforming them.

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Among these devices, it is impossible not to mention Garmin Fenix ​​7, one of the latest models launched in the market. This is a truly excellent smartwatch designed for almost professional use. smart watches which we find today also in Special offer on Amazon with the price who touches Historic low thanks th Special discount of 160 euros. Significant savings for a device that has a fairly high price list. There is also a choice Pay it in 5 interest-free installments. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy it, today is the day.

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Garmin Fenix ​​7: features and characteristics

Like a smart watch Garmin Fenix ​​7 Properties almost take a back seat. And it could not be otherwise. The important thing is to know that the watch has one 1.3 inch screen; made of Ultra-resistant materials who respect US military standards to resist heat, shock and water; It has an innovative design and a battery that can last up to 57 days by setting the power saving mode (otherwise it rests for two weeks).

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the Garmin Fenix ​​7 It can for all intents and purposes be defined as one sports watch. And it takes very little to understand it. We find a lot Pre-loaded sports features: rail running, athletics, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, rowing, skiing, golf, surfing, indoor climbing. For each one it is possible to track their own scores and analyze advanced statistics. Moreover, there are functions dedicated to various sports: for example, for mountaineering and snowboarding, the smartwatch can automatically distinguish the phases of ascent and descent. If you are a fan High intensity interval trainingYou can adjust the exercises and their intensity. In addition, there are many other functions of professional level racing:

  • Race predictions
  • Recommended daily training
  • Average pace adjustment on incline
  • Stamina in real time
  • operating force
  • Racing widget
  • training condition.

We also find the same care in features dedicated to health, from a morning report that gives you an overview of sleep, training recovery, heart rate variability status, training readiness, and even weather information. the heart beat and the oxygen saturation In real time blood and if any abnormal data is detected, you are immediately warned. Another very useful function ishealthy shots: With a 2-minute session, you can record basic stats such as heart rate, heart rate changes, oxygen saturation, respiration, and pressure. The smartwatch also provides you with useful tips for overcoming jt lag.

Not only health and sports. The smart watch also features Useful features in everyday life. By connecting it to your smartphone, you receive real-time notifications right on your wrist; With the Garmin Pay app, you can pay for groceries right from your watch and the Stock app shows you the performance of 50 stocks you choose.

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Garmin Fenix ​​7 on Amazon: Price and discount

One Exceptional discount For a watch that guarantees, as we have just seen, exceptional functionality. Today we find Garmin Fenix ​​7 in Displays on Amazon To the Price of € 539.99with one 23% off compared to the list price. The savings are really interesting: 160 euros. It comes with an extension Historic low And also at the best price on the web. To add on the Amazon guarantees: fast delivery and free returns within 30 days of purchase. There is also the possibility of deferring the payment in 5 installments of 108 € per month without interest.

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