Juventus and the second division or a cup? The truth about the offer to subscribers

Juventus and the second division or a cup?  The truth about the offer to subscribers

there b series is an option Juventus Are you also thinking about the near future? not exactly. In the proposal to renew the season ticket sent by Juventus club to the members of the package Excellent club There is no mention of starring in The Apprentice, but only of a double script.”Rejected on the basis of the provisions of the sports and administrative judiciary“.

Scenario number one. “The term ‘tournament fee’, equal to 85% of the contract value, means the fee payable by the customer to Juventus for the use of all services during the main matches of the Italian championship and the main games to be played at the end. Italian Cup“.

Second scenario. “‘Europe Fee’ means the fee paid by the Customer to Juventus for the use of all the Services during the main European matches (Champions League/Europa League/Conference League), if Juventus is accepted and/or qualified to the maximum. , you pay one payment in advance if the condition is met“.

Contract – continues the text of the email – Thus, it will be divided into two tranches of payments: the first payment is paid upon signing the contract and the second payment is paid only in the event of acceptance / qualification in Europe (Champions League / Europa League / Conference League)“.

Terms of the contract

On the other hand, if you take a quick look at the terms of the contract, in the General Renewal Terms the wording reads “If, for any reason, Juventus are relegated to Serie B, the fee payable to the customer will be reduced by 30%.But this is not news, or rather something that has been around since 2006 and has nothing to do with recent events in Mathematical justice.

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