The A Life by You developer is exiting after the cancellation, which was announced just days after its launch

The A Life by You developer is exiting after the cancellation, which was announced just days after its launch

Willem Delvinthal, Life developer by you, vent after cancellation The game, announced by Paradox Interactive yesterday, made a personal post on their LinkedIn profile.

Delventhal revealed that the publisher informed the team of its intentions when… We were only two weeks away from launch Life By You is in Early Access on Steam. Needless to say, the news was not received with much enthusiasm, on the contrary.

“Today I am pleased to announce that for the second time in two years, My game was canceled and I was evicted. “Yes, it was a real show this time guys,” the developer wrote.

“I’ve known for some time that we might be closed. We’ve been actively working on it Highly modified life simulation It’s called Life By You: A standalone answer to the old Sims IP, but it’s heavily focused on user-generated content.

“Regarding this project, we were doing our job very well* and I can’t share specific numbers, but I can say that we had an internal metric that we were aiming for.” Approved, significantly exceeding this goal. We got approval a few weeks before the launch.”

Two bitter surprises

Unfortunately, the cancellation of Life by You was accompanied by the closure of the team that was developing the game. “Just two weeks after release, we were told it was cancelled; and now they’ve told us so We have all lost our jobs. We were only informed of this through a press release.”

We are not told why. We spent a month in purgatory, doing everything we could to prove to them that the project was worth launching, including finding potential buyers or proposing to cut ties and go independent. We received almost no response.”

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“They warned me not to write anything about this experience, because it might harm my career or even that action could be taken. Legal proceedings against me. “You have chosen to ignore these warnings.”

“To be honest, I have some guesses about what happened, and while I can’t guess, I’m sure you have some too, as a businessman. Some of them are understandable, but a lot of them are not: We were a strong team on a strong project“Ready to be released to a strong audience.”

“Actually, I would like to be more clear. I am very angryI don’t want to lie; But I try to be nice and respectful. So instead I’ll say: This industry has become a place where you can deliver more than you expect, get an AA budget behind you, but still pull the rug out from under you two weeks before launch.

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