March 31, 2023

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“Report” investigations – Arab Radio and Television Bureau

Three investigations scheduled for the episode “Report”, broadcast on Monday 30 January at 21.20 on Rai 3 and Rai Italia. The first book is titled “A Chef’s Account” by Luca Bertazzoni, in collaboration with Marzia Amico. They have millions of followers on social media and are TV stars: once called chefs, today they are great chefs for everyone. A starred company, moving millions of euros between restaurants, related industries and above all communications. But what is beyond this world? According to Chef Alessandro Borghese, young people lack passion, a spirit of sacrifice, and a desire to work. Is it really like this? Through a long journey inside starred restaurants, Report does the math in the pockets of Italy’s most famous chefs, probing the workings of their businesses, whether in the fields of catering or media. Then a story about working conditions in the restaurant world. The second investigation is entitled “Exit from the Ghetto” by Bernardo Iovene, in collaboration with Lidia Galeazzo. Behind a plate of spaghetti in tomato sauce worked thousands of farm workers who lived in shanties without water, electricity or heat. Their irregular status creates dependence on corporals speculating on already low wages and on transportation. To overcome this situation, millions of euros have been allocated over the years to projects still in progress, both to dismantle slums and to create units, temporary enclosures supported by training and integration projects, run by associations and volunteers. The last project comes from Pnrr: 200 million euros. This time, the Ministry of Labor instructed the Anci, and then the municipalities, to conduct a census of the ghettos and allocate funds based on attendance. The largest tranche will reach Puglia: 114 million. What are the projects and implementation times that have a timetable that must be respected under penalty of losing funding? A “report” that was in the Foggia ghetto, depicted the conditions and needs of the migrant workers who housed them and analyzed municipal projects. Finally, more attention has been paid to the large ghetto of Torretta Antonacci, where the Venerable Abubakar Somahoro launched the fundraiser during the lockdown. Francesco Caruso, who was with Sumahoro at the time, reported his accounts. Finally, The War of the Dop, directed by Emmanuel Bellano, in collaboration with Chiara Dambros. 120 billion euros: according to a report by Coldiretti, the market for typical Italian fakes is worth it in the world. The most affected are the products in Italy and Europe that belong to the PDO and PGI supply chains, because it costs more to produce high-quality food. However, if it ends up on the shelf of an American or Asian store, next to another with a similar name, but made without respecting the rules or using a less sophisticated method and process, farmers, breeders and distributors lose a lot of money. An agreement to respect and protect the PDO and PGI brands was not signed between the United States and Europe, so Italian and American producers invaded the global market by borrowing the names of famous food specialties, without any certification. In the US state of Wisconsin, California’s Asiago, Gorgonzola, Fontina, Provolone or San Marzano Style tomatoes are produced. Report went on to find out how they are made, what tricks are used to confuse the consumer and how different these products are from the Pdo-certified ones of the same name.

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