These are the 10 best gifts you can give your employees

These are the 10 best gifts you can give your employees

To the He likes to treat his workers (who number over a hundred already) with wonderful snacks to celebrate special dates like birthdays or the newspaper's anniversary. But this time, Mr. José Antic's newspaper wanted to go a step further and report on it What are the best corporate gifts to give to a company's workforce. That's why we called Gift campaignA company specializing in advertising and promotional gifts Promotion10 tells us.

The company specializes in promotional gifts and Promotion The gift campaign lists the 10 best gifts that can be given to company employees

this Top 10 corporate gifts You will also be interested if you are an employer. That's why we're sharing with you below Top 10 products that can be offered to employees He recommended it to us Gift campaign.

Top 10 products that can be offered to employees

1. Bossa canvas (carrying bag)
Why not give one as a gift shopping bag With your company logo for workers? They have a very large area for marking, which allows the logo to pop in a very colorful way. In addition, it is very useful: as a handbag, for shopping, for going to the gym…

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2. Reusable bottle
Another great idea is a reusable bottle. why him? Well, because it is very convenient to have your favorite drink on the desk to drink while working. Employees can also use it outside of work, which will give your brand visibility. Moreover, it has a positive impact on caring for the environment, helping to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.

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3. Computer transport backpack
A laptop backpack is not only useful, it will give your company a professional image. It is perfect for those workers who carry their laptop up and down, or simply to carry all the things needed for work.

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4. expenses
Mugs are one of the stars' gifts. It is something we use every day, whether at work or at home. You can customize it with your logo and the color you want.

5. Notebook with pen
There are those who, despite technological advances, continue to use a laptop throughout their work life. They use it to take notes, jot down ideas, for training, as an agenda…

6. lunch box
More and more companies are choosing to provide lunch boxes to workers. This is because more and more employees are having to take their own food to work. A good idea is to give it to employees along with reusable water bottles to use in their daily lives.

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7. headphones
Headphones can provide a lot of services to your employees, as it will allow them to hold meetings Connected Without disturbing colleagues. They can also use it in their free time to listen to music, for example. Headphones, wired or wireless, your choice.

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8. Artistic shirt
The technical sports shirt is a gift that promotes a healthy and beneficial lifestyle, it is best for going for a run, going to the gym, going out on the bike, going for a walk… and of course, turning your employees into your brand ambassadors.

9. Shades
It's a good idea to have a few in the office in case it rains and some employees don't bring an umbrella. This way, you're doing them a favor by keeping them from getting wet, and at the same time, you're making your brand visible.

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10. Extreme battery
Who among us has never suffered from a battery problem? This is a very suitable gift for workers who have to travel a lot during the working day or who have to spend long hours outside the office. It can always be connected to an external battery.

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If you finally decide Have the details with your company membersKnow that not only will they thank you for being a sign of your appreciation for their work, but it will help them feel more comfortable. At the same time, it will motivate them to continue giving their best.

In addition, it creates a good working environment, enhances the sense of belonging to the team, strengthens the company's corporate identity and improves work culture. So the gift is one Direct impact on worker well-being and performance. Especially if the gift is given outside the Christmas season, this method will definitely surprise you.

The gift has a direct impact on the employee's well-being and performance

Now you have great gift ideas for your employees. You just have to decide which one you prefer. Yes! If you're not convinced by any of these 10 products, you can discover more about them at WebD Gift Campaign.

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