One hundred lira equals a fortune: Here’s what

One hundred lira equals a fortune: Here’s what

During the switch to the euro, many people kept the old coins, including the 100 lira of course, which are now rare coins that can be worth a lot of money. It is an acumenical coin, minted from 1955 to 1989, known to collectors as the “100 Minerva Lira”. Diameter 27.8mm, weight 8g, quilted profile, thickness 2mm. On the front is an Italian head with a laurel wreath, and on the back is Minerva representing the god holding a spear.

“Proof” of 100 Minerva liras from 1954 and many more: the unexpected value of these “rare coins”

The 1954 Minerva “Proof” 100 lira coin is by far the most valuable because it is the oldest, and because it is a fine, only a few copies have been minted. This coin, if FDC, can have a value of up to 3000 euros, and it is listed as a rare R3 coin.

To understand the value of rare coins, it is necessary to know their state of preservation based on the classification used, as the differences can be enormous. Here are the categories:
B = Beautiful – A smooth, illegible coin with an inscription that holds only 2 or 3/10 of the metal.
MB = Very Nice – Very worn coin, only part of the engraved part is readable, 4 or 5/10 of the metal is kept.
BB = Beautiful – a complete, clear coin, which may have some dings, and the relief retains 6, 7/10 of the metal.
SPL = Superb – A coin with a slight circulation mark and strong relief that holds 8 to 9/10 of the metal.
UNC = Uncirculated Glossy Coin – A coin with no circulation marks, no signs of wear, 10/10 metal in relief.

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100 Minerva liras year by year, rare coins analysis: what is their value?

And here is the value of the 100 lira coins of Minerva year after year, starting from the classification of the state of preservation (according to the table shown above).

1. 1954 – €3,000 at FDC.
2. 1955-900 euros in FDC, 150 in SPL, 5 in BB.
3. 1956 – €250 in FDC, 45 in SPL, 60 in BB.
4. 1957 – 300 euros in FDC, 45 in SPL, 30 in BB.
5. 1958 – 550 euros in FDC and 50 in SPL.
6. 1959 – 600 euros in FDC and 50 in SPL.
7. 1960 – 550 euros in FDC and 50 in SPL.
8. 1961 – 550 euros in FDC and 50 in SPL.
9. 1962-230 euros in FDC and 30 in SPL.
10. 1963- €95 in FDC and 20 in SPL.
11. 1964- €60 in FDC and 10 in SPL.
12. 1965 – €70 in FDC, €10 in SPL.
13. 1966 – €45 at FDC.
14. 1967 – 40 Euros at FDC.

For all other wines, at Brilliant Uncirculated (FDC), 100 lira coins are only worth between €2 and €4.

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