August 10, 2022

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Luca Zingaretti publicly collapses, advertising on social media takes your breath away

Actor Luca Zingaretti shares his loyal fans with a special pain: mystery swirls around his Instagram Story.

Luca Zingaretti (YouTube source)

Romanian actor and director Luca Zingaretti He rose to the honors of the small screen especially for his interpretation of the Commissioner Except for Montalbano, a rude and insightful guard of crimes and riddles. The TV series RAI was a huge success not only in Italy: its residents were also evacuated in the UK.

arrived in 15 seasonswhich includes a total of 37 stand-alone episodes, fiction is a re-adaptation of novels Andrea Camilleri. The talented writer sadly passed away on July 17, 2019, and as Maria Pia Amirati, director of Rai Fiction announced, an end to the theatrical success is expected. “We want to close the project perfectly with the latest novel by Andrea Camilleri. “Ammirati announced.

It is understood that the production had no intention of impeding or prolonging the novel without Camilleri’s original canvas, and thus the Zingaretti Project could It starts at sunset. A great mourning for the millions of fans of the series but a More dramatic mourning Weighs in these hours in the heart of the main actor.

Luca Zingaretti and the Instagram ad: “I loved it”

Luca Zingaretti
Luca Zingaretti (YouTube source)

Actor Luca Zingaretti gives his face to a sullen Salvo Montalbano, only to reveal himself outside the set as a A likable and helpful person with fans. In the past few hours, the actor has broken his privacy veil by sharing a file special pain with Instagram followers.

Indeed, in a story on the social network, Zingaretti posted a photo of a woman, supposedly immortalized in a sunset selfie, and commented: “Kiara is gone, can’t believe it.Then he added:We went to the academy together, and I loved it. I can not believe it. Rest in peace Kiara. “.

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instagram screenshot
instagram screenshot

For privacy reasons, the actor did not provide other evidence, but the letter indicates that the two are related to a Professional as well as human relations. Luca Zingaretti doesn’t stray too far from his private life. Perhaps the actor wanted to send a signal of condolence to the community of actors, extras and behind-the-scenes insiders who enrich television and theater projects. Fans immediately greeted the fellow tribute, who know very well Zingaretti secret.

Finally, regarding Commissioner Montalbano, after last season, there is the possibility of Crossing with stories of Lolita LuboscoHowever, she was played by Luisa Ranieri, the actor’s wife. We will see the developments of the TV series rating champion.