Friends: “Pregnancy test positive,” the dancer got pregnant

Friends: “Pregnancy test positive,” the dancer got pregnant

The wonderful news reached Amici’s study and left everyone present speechless, and he continues to do so in spite of everything: it has never happened before. Here are all the details about it.

Ballerina Buddy Loaded –

As you well know, those who decided to take a path within the famous The program conducted by the infamous Maria de Felipe You must take into account countless factors. The notoriety you gain over time will ensure that your name continues to resonate on top television and beyond. Professional dancers perform in talent stage and help educate young students Countless years of work.

They are usually closely followed by all the audience because the latter does not only want They know everything that happens in their professional life but also know what is happening in their private life. A few months ago, there was good news in the program’s studio, as one of the young professional dancers confirmed that he would soon become a father.

Evening students' friends
Evening student friends –

His confession, as you can imagine, completely displaced the audience Then he decided to follow the story carefully. For starters, we are talking about professional dancer Marcelo Sacchetta. who has been happily engaged for nine years with professional dancer, Julia Bauzelli.

After a positive pregnancy test, the news shakes up the Amici audience

As we have already expected, the famous professional dancer will soon become his father, partner, However, the professional Amici dancer completely disoriented the audience. The woman admitted several times that she is literally over the moon for the news that I learned at the end of last year, His decision, however, divided the audience into two ranks. In fact, despite the pregnancy, the dancer will continue to dance and perform on the Amici stage.

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Giulia Boselli and Marcelo
Giulia Bauselli and Marcelo Sachetta –

This was confirmed again during an interview with Verissimo in front of host Silvia Tovanen. The woman already claimed that though His decision may somehow get a negative idea about the audience and he won’t change his mind. From an early age, dancers are taught to listen to their body for this reason, in fact, she feels ready to face the pregnancy despite the hard work ahead.

Lyrics by Julia Bauzelli

“I entered the second quarter. I am not saying this not because I find it difficult to say but simply because I decided to continue dancing and maybe not many people would understand my choice. I say let’s say the most difficult moment is the first quarter, the most sensitive months, I have overcome it. So I can continue dancing to be calm and calm. our luck The job is that from an early age we learn to listen to our bodies. This is a great gift for a dancer, and now that I’m a mother, I understand even more the importance of this teaching.”

These are the words of the dancer who later spoke about the moment when the result of a pregnancy test was discovered. –“I had a big delay but you know in my work that menstruation is often present [..] So I very quietly asked Marcelo to buy the test.[..] So he went joking too, and he told me the jokes I went and left.. I’m pregnant, I didn’t expect it at all”. On the other hand, it is known that the most beautiful moments are precisely those that occur without their programming.

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