Premier League resumes against UEFA’s monopoly: European Court of Justice ruling will rewrite football’s future

Premier League resumes against UEFA’s monopoly: European Court of Justice ruling will rewrite football’s future

December 21 could be football’s D Day: at 9.30, the ruling of the European Court of Justice will be announced on the appeal brought by the European Superleague Company on 27 May 2021 to the Madrid court and is now subject to the final ruling of the European Court of Justice, based in Luxembourg. Belgian President Koen Lennaerts e […]

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I December 21 Maybe D- Football Day: At 9.30 the sentence will be published European Court of Justice Regarding the appeal filed by the European Premier League Company on May 27, 2021 before a court Madrid It is now subject to final judgment CGUdepends on Luxembourg. Belgian President Quinn Lenarts The 15 judges, meeting in plenary session, can write one History page Which could upset not only European but global football. We have already talked about the potential impact BossmanRecalling the sentence that, in December 1995, revolutionized the personality of players and the rules of the game Market transferBut in reality, if the resumption of the Premier League is accepted, the current system will be severely shaken. European Football Association H FIFA They will lose the monopoly on the most popular sport on the planet and the future will be entirely written. The challenge launched on April 19, 2021, 976 days after the famous event Pronunciation Which made football live 96 hours of chaos.

The European Court of Justice will have to answer Six questions In which the appeal was filed Super alloyBut basically he will have to decide what is possible Abuse of dominant position Accordingly, UEFA – and therefore FIFA – grants itself exclusive jurisdiction in the organisation Competitions For clubs in Europe the establishment is prohibited Other events By various organizations, and condemns with severe penalties anyone who wants to question this matter Monopoly. The big question asked by the promoters of the Super League project, led by the former president of Juventus Andrea AgnelliReal Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as follows: The current system is compatible with the regulating lawsEuropean Union?

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CEO of A22 Sports ManagementThe company that takes care of the German Superleague project Bernd Reichardtwho has been in office since October 2022, has carried out tireless activity lobby And meetings all the time Europe. He has worked on two tracks: developing a wider Premier League project and diplomatic talks to try to achieve the goal Court of Justice The persuasive message of a monopoly in football that is no longer acceptable, in contravention of the principles of Europe. Florentino Perezpresident of Real Madrid, chose Reichardt not only for his excellent CV or CV Spanish He got divorcedBut also because it represents Germany, the heart of Europe.

“All the National Championships Managed by clubs only European level They have no opinion on the matter. We believe in the European Court and the laws of the Union. If our appeal is accepted and illegal UEFA monopolyWe will publish the results of more than a year of consultation and propose a format European Open competitions For over sixty clubs, where everyone will be treated fairly and equitably Reichardt. A year ago, Attorney General Athanasios Rantos gave his opinion Loyal to UEFA“UEFA rules, under which any new competition is subject to prior approval, are harmonic With European Union competition law.” A personal judgment that cannot be considered a prediction to rule. The European Court of Justice can, essentially, follow three paths: 1) Sure If the status quo; 2) Welcome Appeal; 3) rejection The Premier League asked, however, to limit UEFA’s monopoly system in terms of, for example, Business negotiationAnd perhaps reproduce the scheme International Automobile Federation H equation 1. That is: a regulatory, commercial and rule-making body. However, football is a sport that cannot be traced back to Formula 1. The scheme is much more complex complicated. It embraces all countries of the world. This is why the December 21 sentence will, or could, be written as one page to date. just one certainly: It’s not a battle between saints, but between entrepreneurs who want to do things a job.

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