Tira Emara Predictions Episode 11 August 2022: Zuleiha Attempts to Suicide!

Tira Emara Predictions Episode 11 August 2022: Zuleiha Attempts to Suicide!

Terra Amara episode progress that aired on August 11, 2022 on Canale 5 revealed that Altun is making a desperate gesture… after watching Akkaya again!

In the’episode From earth time From Thursday 11 August 2022And the Zliha Reviews yilmaz At a business party in Adana, thus learning that the beloved, in fact, is not dead. destroyer He drags her away from the party, and the girl throws herself out of the speeding car. L ‘AkayaOn the other hand, he admits my agent To understand that he is no longer the love of life Alton…but let’s find out together what they reveal in detail progress subordinate bet who will broadcast tomorrow in 14:45 on me Channel 5.

Demir vs. Yilmaz and Vakili, in the August 11 episode predictions

Now everyone in Cukurova is talking about Yilmaz’s comeback and his rise to success. While jolt Neither rejoiceAnd the hunker And the destroyer I bundle of nerves. The former mechanic is no longer just an opponent of the latter in love, but a true opponent from all points of view. The man is now aware Behind the enrichment of the acacia: my agentis the person who To whom I must “thank”!

Tera El-Murr presents: Zeliha sees Yilmaz again!

After becoming the owner of a company in the countryAnd the The protagonist you have the right to participate in a party dedicated to business Which takes place in Adana. At the party of course The nephew of Mrs. Aziza and Zulaiha was also invited. over here, The two lovers meet again after months. The girl is in shock. She was convinced that Yilmaz had died in prisonIn flames of fire!

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Zuleiha jumps from the moving car in the introduction to the August 11 episode

there Alton She wants to talk to her boyfriend but destroyer It is not allowed. I drifted away from the party and was forcibly pushed into a car, The former seamstress opens the door and runs away. after the fall Zuleiha first confessed to her husband that her heart belonged to Akaya, then she fainted. Although he is angry at the meeting that took place between his wife and the convict, but above all for the words she addressed to him, To whom He stays by her side, waiting for her to recover. while, Yilmaz trusts his book, FakeliAnd the He admits that he realized that Alton had stopped loving him. But the man urges him not to throw the towel!

earth timethe Turkish series, broadcasts from Monday to Friday at 14:45 days Channel 5.

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