Ellaria Spada, heels and stomach: one of the wonders of nature

Ellaria Spada, heels and stomach: one of the wonders of nature

Ellaria SpadaPregnancy makes her (even) more beautiful. On the other hand, if it is true that a woman becomes brighter and brighter when she is expecting a child, not to mention the state of a natural wonder like the Latin actress, waiting for her third child By husband Kim Rossie Stewart.

Ellaria arrives at the movie screening savage family, at Cavour Cinema in Rome, November 18, 2021, in great shape: herringbone coat, black turtleneck, leather skirt (at least) and 12cm stiletto heel. Long black hair, a bouffant crow in a braid, natural makeup and a gold necklace.

Ilaria Spada: Social Announcing Your Third Pregnancy

Ilaria gave the The news of her pregnancy on social media, on November 10 in conjunction with the release of his cover in Magazine F, with A A post shared on his Instagram who lifted the lid and tucked his stomach in plain sight and commented: “I share with you some business news….and not only….as can be inferred from the picture on the cover…proof: the swelling is not colitis! 😝 Lots of joy!!!! !! 🌸🌸🌸 “

Ilaria Spada is pregnant on the cover

Ilaria Spada is pregnant on the cover

Ellaria Spada, the arrival of the third child after Ituri and Ian

Ellaria Spada will become a mother in 2022. For the Latina actress, born in 1981, this is the third child with her husband Kim Rossi Stewart, who married in 2019. In 2011 Ettore was born, NS in 2019Shortly after the wedding, Ian. “Every child that arrives improves me. And it improves the couple. So why stop? Sure, you have to be more organized, but I love big family, parties and birthdays. A child can only come when you feel completely loved. Children are our best ”admit Ilaria.

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Ilaria Spada and Kim Rossi Stuart, their great love

Ilaria E Kim They met and fell in love with him in 2010. Love at first sight is so sudden and rare that the actress got pregnant a few months after their first meeting. After 11 years and (almost) three children, it can be said that their child is truly love with Capital A.

Ellaria Spada and Kim Rossi Stewart

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