Milan is imperfect, with Bologna no evidence of maturity –

Milan is imperfect, with Bologna no evidence of maturity –
to Mario Sconcert

You missed the big hitter and plan B, not late at all, but there is also something else to be achieved than what was already

These are the matches that must be won in the first half with calm and superiority. After becoming unplayable, the teams turn into confusion. When he had time to win On the other hand, Milan was at the mercy of BolognaOrganized and competitive as if inside a final. This predicts the meaning of the tournament final: now the name of the opponents does not matter. Almost nobody has any real purposes other than to brag about matches against the big teams, which isn’t really cool.

So Milan must go to martyrdom this time too, With nerves rushing through and the door getting fascinated every moment. It can be called in many ways, even bad luck, but it still Basically the deficiency. Bologna have lost ten of their last 15 matches, and they were the perfect contender to open a great team to a great personality. For 60 minutes, as long as Barrow was on the field, Bologna played on equal footing with extra wisdom for those who didn’t have much to lose. Then it became a constant and unfortunate attack, but it was always the same. The old Milan was insufficient compared to many other times, when he needed a focus he could not find. Yesterday he tried to give it to himself forgetting it, playing lightly but hysterically right down the track. Far from being a test of maturity. You missed the big hitter, Ibra a few months ago, the Liao you’ve always been waiting for but has become another kind of player. For me, it was also pointless to insist with Diaz, the best core of the three true midfielders, with Casey by the side between Nasser and Tonali. Even Saelemaekers are better than Messias.

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Pioli unnecessarily exaggerated his attackers. Milan really entered the Bologna region when time was away and Bologna stopped running. he was not there alternative idea, pattern, successful dodge. It all turned out very easily on the rebounds of the defenders. This happens, but it happened many times in Milan against teams that were looking for a passing prize. It doesn’t change much, always in the head, but He was thrown out of consciousness that he is the strongest. Now that opponents are like Bologna, he will need to get back on track, and understand that you can only win after the last game. Not for something late, but also something other than what you already have.

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