TikTok Shop opens e-commerce in the US

TikTok Shop opens e-commerce in the US

TikTok Store for the first time in United State Offering a platform for sellers to reach consumers and consumers a place to shop via e-commerce.

The feature was previously only available in United kingdom And in several countries in Southeast Asia.

Users can now make purchases directly through the app using the feature. tik tokowned by the Chinese social media giant Byte DanceTell international merchants that they will eventually be able to start using it TikTok Store.

“We have seen the positive impact of the TikTok Store, and we are excited to continue to experience this new business opportunity to support businesses of all sizes,” a TikTok spokesperson told Semafor Media.

TikTok’s US e-commerce ambitions are part of a broader business initiative called internally “Project Aquaman,” according to Semafor. “The goal is to import a copy of the Chinese live shopping industry from 400 billion dollar in the US, where the format is still largely synonymous with television networks like QVC,” Semaphore reported.

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