June 8, 2023

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After Twitter and Meta, Disney is also tightening its belt. Towards a reduction in the number of employees: “We will make uncomfortable decisions”

We will make difficult and uncomfortable decisionsWith these words the CEO of the giant Walt Disney Company, Pop Network Announcing cost cuts, and also talking about potential staff cuts. “In the cost audit process we will look at all possible ways to determine savings Without referring to the true extent of potential staff reductions, explained Chebak, “What is known at the moment is that the cost-cutting process will be carried out by a dedicated staffing team. In addition to not ruling out staff reductions, Mickey also speculates that Hiring Freeze and the Reduce business trips employees. Regarding this last point, it seems that we will only continue with the movements that are considered indispensable, the rest we will choose virtual meetings.

the reasons

All this comes as a result of the company’s quarterly analysis, which was revealed disappointingand, in particular, losses incurred in the services of flow. In the past three months, Disney actually recorded a file Red operating 1.5 billion This is mainly due to the increase in content production costs and marketing expenses. And it would be specifically for the CEO to get involved in these two areas.”Without sacrificing qualityBut making investments effective and with tangible benefits for the public and society.” According to Chapek’s forecast, the company could turn a profit in 2024, thanks to the cost reduction plan, but alsoSubscription price increase and input Services with advertising. In 2022, a somewhat negative picture is being painted for digital media, already started by Twitter halving the workforce and Meta slashing 11,000 seats. They were in Silicon Valley More than 100,000 jobs have been cut Since the beginning of this year.

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