Tiberio Temperi, “I Won the World War”: An Embarrassment of Ray

Tiberio Temperi, “I Won the World War”: An Embarrassment of Ray

that it “underdogHe, too, leaves, justly proud. Tiberio Timperiwho this year celebrates the fortieth anniversary of signing his first contract with him opinion, he is satisfied with his career which has given him great satisfaction, and above all he can boast of not having to thank anyone. host said morning with the family In an interview given to the weekly New TV It hit newsstands on Tuesday.

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Tiberio Timperi realizes that “now world of work He changed and he did it for the worse” And it is certainly no longer possible today to do what he did. “In my day,” explained the rai announcer, “it was enough for me to knock on a door to hear my voice and that is exactly what I started doing, which led to the auditions Recorded cassette tapesAn executive working on a program with Renzo Arbor“It’s good,” Timperi continues to say, referring to me radioaged 14, to the reporter she interviewed New TV, who would gladly return. “If they called me, I would definitely say yes. Today’s listeners probably don’t know me, but who knows if a change of network managers in the future won’t lead me in that direction,” said Tempere, who successfully ended the efforts of the program he hosts every Saturday and Sunday morning. Vacation but it’s going to double, with five broadcasts per week, landing at the helm Summer morning from june.

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