Thus Russia oppresses and exploits the population of the occupied territories –

Thus Russia oppresses and exploits the population of the occupied territories –

If there is no electricity, as in Mariupol, they send large truck-mounted LED screens to the street to show Russian news. They say Ukrainians are Nazis with help German and Italian Naziswho bomb civilian neighborhoods in their cities, and if Russia had not intervened, European gays and lesbians would have forced everyone to participate in their marches. For Russify, the first step is to break hope. They are trying to convince people that Ukraine will never be able to counterattack and that people just have to resign, says Honcharenko. Exactly as it happened in the Soviet Union. So, the deputy continues, it’s key clear memory: In Mariupol they even changed the name to Zhdanov as in Soviet times. They burn books and replace Ukrainian antiquities with Russian symbols. In schools, there will only be Russian books telling the same old tale that Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians are the same great people, and Ukraine, in essence, does not exist. This is already happening.

I am in the school library in Borova, the village near Kharkiv Ukrainian books have disappeared Russian appeared. If you put someone in a concentration camp not because you want to impress them, but because you want to To break the will and identity. In the conquered territories, the Russians behave in the same way, says the governor of Zaporizhia Staruch. Administrative procedures inevitably follow from smallest to largest. The Borova Telegram channel reported that residents receive 15 rubles (25 euro cents) for each column decorated with the Russian flag. For those who request the nationality of the oppressor, a prize of ten thousand rubles (170 euros) is allocated and between Kherson and Zaporizhia About twenty thousand people, according to Russian sources, would have received a passport. Russian became the telephone network, the shoddy brand of milk in the stores, the pension, the currency (with the Ukrainian hryvnia turning into rubles at half its value). The Russians are the bus servicealways empty, which connects with Crimea and Study vacation package that brings schoolchildren from Kherson to Crimea.

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These measures are not an end in themselves either, because apparently they herald a referendum – also Potemkin – to annex the territories to Russia itself if the military situation in the fall allows it. Kirillo Strimosov, deputy head of the civil and military administration of the Kherson region, recently spoke about this possibility, and the same military intelligence in London publicly confirms it. But none of this can be imagined without the support of Ukrainians cooperating for convenience, ambition or membership. The gray area is the case of Volodymyr Saldo, already a deputy in the Verkhovna Rada, but its fleeting pro-Putin stance earned him his appointment as governor of Kherson: now he addresses citizens via Telegram with the Russian flag behind him. Also the case of Konstantin Ivashenko, who took advantage of the arrival of the Russians to finally become a person in Mariupol. They are the new cap. But the stories behind the scenes suggest that there is a wider gray area – who knows how much – for those trying to convince themselves and adapt rather than fight back. Even Ukraine is not exempt from every aspect of multifaceted human nature.

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