Borrell’s last ultimatum to Kosovo: call for new municipal elections in protest of the municipalities

Borrell’s last ultimatum to Kosovo: call for new municipal elections in protest of the municipalities

During the European Political Community summit in Moldova, European leaders called on Pristina and Belgrade to defuse tensions in northern Kosovo. A short meeting between Serbian President Vucic and Kosovar Osmani, who said she was ready for a new ballot

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell have called on the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia to defuse the ongoing tensions. proposed solution through Summit of the European Political Community in Moldovais that New municipal elections are held in the four Serb-majority cities in northern Kosovo Where violence erupted in the aftermath of an attempt to install Albanian mayors, elected only thanks to a boycott of votes by the Serbian community. On Monday, clashes resulted in deaths and injuries 30 NATO peacekeepers and 52 Serb demonstrators were wounded.

And the French President declared in a press conference: “What we asked from both sides is very simple: the organization of new elections, as quickly as possible, in these four municipalities; a commitment from Kosovo; a clear participation in these elections with the history of the Serbian side.” Resolve the issue of the Association of Kosovo Serb Municipalities as a matter of priority and immediately“.

During the brief meeting in the presence of the Serbian President Alexander Vucic President of Kosovo Ottoman fjosaThe latter accused the leader of Belgrade of “murmuring, grumbling, and not telling the truth.” But she showed herself Open to the possibility of new elections, if it is carried out legally. This would fulfill one of the conditions set by Macron and Schulz for resolving the crisis.

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“A de-escalation solution is very close,” Osmani said, but Belgrade will also have to honor the commitments made under the agreement signed in March to restore relations between the two sides on a more normal basis.

“It is important that all parties involved do everything they can to mitigate the crisis,” Schultz told reporters. Macron said he had asked Pristina and Belgrade to do so Come back next week with “obvious answers.”.

Josep Borrell also held bilateral talks with Serbian President Vucic on the sidelines of the summit. on twitter, Borrell spoke of “dire consequences.” relations between the two countries and the Union in the event of not listening to European requests.

Vucic, who left the summit without commenting on the meeting with Osmani, had earlier said that the Kosovo authorities They must withdraw both the “so-called mayors” and the special police units Who are in the north of the country “illegally”.

“Serbia will do its best to defuse the situation, and that means it We will try to push the Serbs forward quietly and peacefully“They are very determined. They want to see the end of the special police units,” he added.

Osmani, for his part, said that Belgrade is trying to destabilize Kosovo because it failed to accept its 2008 declaration of independence. Vucic was accused of support criminal gangs In northern Kosovo – an accusation denied by Belgrade.

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin CortiNotably absent in Moldova, he responded to the harsh criticism he received from the Western Allies by claiming the star Protect democracy. Kurti was the driving force behind the “forced” installation of the new mayors, escorted by the Kosovo authorities and special police units to the municipal offices.

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Meanwhile, it’s not just Serbs who are taking to the streets. Thursday some Hundreds of people who raised Albanian flags demonstrated while chanting anti-Serb slogans in the divided city of Mitrovica in northern Kosovo

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