Three last minute shots, but quick first. Amrabat, a head-on collision must be avoided

Three last minute shots, but quick first.  Amrabat, a head-on collision must be avoided

Beltran? It’s clear he’s an excellent player from the first minutes he’s played, and he’s in better shape than anyone else because he played in Argentina until two weeks ago. But Nzula could be favored as an early striker With Beltran during the match precisely because he has good physical health. Also among the alternatives is the possibility of prosecuting the attackers together if there is a need, of course we hope that this does not happen. Maybe the Italian language contradicts me, but that’s how I see it, with a downward preference. Kwame could be an alternative to Brekalo, but he is also another weapon due to his speed. Ikonè and Infantino are not available for different optionsSutil played on Sunday and wasn’t even convinced. Duncan is more destructive than constructive. On the wings, the replacements are in progress called Parisi and Kaiodi.

The transfer market and injuries are heavy, they have left six or seven players out.

How will the market end?

The feeling is that Fiorentina has already decided everything, they keep a low profile and keep absolute silencePrecisely because tonight’s game is so important, but the last few hours can be tense.

The case of cases is a case Amrabat. His entourage has not yet been able to bring in the nearly €30m agreed upon for the sale, a figure that Fiorentina has always demanded. As far as I know and have already written, the player has had an agreement with Manchester for some time and only wants the Premier League, but the English don’t have the money Fiorentina wants. The business is on loan with an obligation to buy for 27 million. We’ll see. The others were just surveys or ill-considered offers. The Moroccan, at the moment, doesn’t even want to enter Arabian island, But the market there is longer and it could be a solution even after September 1st.

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However, times are very tight, and if a way is not found, Amrabat no longer wants to play for Fiorentina. The tug-of-war is all-encompassing and the situation has been evident for some time. After all, his agents have known since January that in order to leave the club they would have to bring in thirty million euros. Will it end badly? Cleats outside pink? Not everyone hopes of course. But also in principle, Rocco Commisso won’t give up an inch. This situation does not affect the market, but the climate around the team certainly does.

Fiorentina wants to become a midfielder Given that something similar to what happened with Sutalo happened with Vranckx, which is a continuous rise in demand compared to the initial demand, interest has returned to another profile such as Demme, safe used The 32-year-old leaves Napoli, who could be Arthur’s replacement if needed. Hectic hours too for defense.

Betis resumed negotiations to include Quarta after contracting with Luiz Felipe, and he is scheduled to replace Argentine Fiorentina. Another great effort to bring the Belgian theater from Rennes23, left-handed, ex-Bologna, worth twenty million. After two stellar seasons at Rossoblu, he was sold to France for €19m. An excellent player, very physical, very reactive, with good feet and able to resume play: it is no coincidence that it costs him so much. This money seemed excessive to Sotalo, and if they take Theati it becomes an important signal for their future ambitions.

But everything depends on Quarta, and perhaps also on the result of the night, on the joints, on the lists and on two or three other cases such as Jovic, Cocurin, Benassi and others outgoing, but without practical solutions. But I’m not convinced that’s all. Also beware of last minute outings with checkouts and replacements. Two days of fire, as mentioned, but with the big goal of not disturbing the team for a moment: beating Rapid is essential.

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Purple people will also be needed, but they don’t look as engaging as on other occasions. Unfortunately there will be no thirty thousand spectatorsBut the stadium will still need hot and full support for a very important night and this may not be fully realized. The opponent doesn’t count, but the stakes, whether conference or non-conference, are very high.

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